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Mandatory vs Valiant (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

On this Saturday evening, Mandatory was playing a new match of the Split 2 of VCL France. This was an important meeting, as we were tied with our opponent of the day, namely Valiant. As the evening began with two favourite teams losing, TheBigFiz, HyP, kAdavra, Goaster and Akumaaaa bucked the trend. Our players treated the crowd round after round of matches, and went on to a third win against Valiant.

MAP: Pearl
(Chosen by: Valiant)

Mandatory 13 - 6 Valiant


Portrait Harbor SmallHyP16/11/5216
Portrait Skye SmallAKUMAAAAA16/15/13231
Portrait of Jett SmallGoaster16/12/2229
Portrait of Killjoy SmallTheBigFiz16/9/4229
Portrait of Astra SmallkAdavra14/10/12200


Portrait Skye SmallSacake4/17/1096
Portrait Harbor SmallCyvOph16/16/7220
Portrait of Jett SmallLeeN14/16/5218
Portrait Viper SmallJesse13/15/10217
Portrait of Killjoy SmallNeskaaS10/14/2151

Summary of the first leg Valiant vs Mandatory (Split 2)

The match got off to a great start for both teams. In the first round of attack, Akumaaaa took out three opponents, allowing Mandatory to take the lead and win a second point easily. Valiant responds with two crushing victories to come back into the game. Unfortunately for them, all our players are in good shape. During the sixth round, TheBigFiz shows once again what he is capable of in a clutch situation. The only survivor with kAdavra, he prevents the Valiant from defusing the Spike with brilliance. The rounds go on and so do our victories. TheBigFiz takes advantage of round 11 to establish his supremacy in this game. While HyP falls under the bullets of LeeN, our Killjoy of the day makes two magnificent shots to win an additional point! In the final period, Valiant managed to win twice more, but still fell well behind. At the changeover, Mandatory leads 8-4.

Valiant took the second pistol-round by a small margin, but our players were formidable in the next round and extended the lead even further. This victory led to a second, then a third, and two more, so that the Valiants decided to take a timeout. This short break gives them a moment of respite, as they finally manage to defend our defences, even though HyP and his Odin almost put an end to the confrontation. It was not long before the game was over. Our captain showed even more spirit than usual in the next round. As a reminder of the round that Apo won without letting go of the defuse in VRL last year, he holds on to the Spike and scores the missing point!

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