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Mandatory vs Supra Beaux Gosses (Rematch) - Challengers France 2023

Yesterday, Mandatory played their last first leg of Split 1. To start the return matches, our players faced Supra Beaux Gosses. This was another extremely close match. Our opponents dominated the beginning of the game, before we regained the lead until we got the match point. Nevertheless, TakaS and his allies were very good. They managed to get over time and finally won 14-12. Despite the loss, kAdavra, Hyp, Akumaaaaa, Goaster and TheBigFiz played a much better game than the previous time, which ended 13-3.

MAP: Ascent
(Chosen by: Supra Beaux Gosses)

MDR 12 - 14 SBG


Portrait of Fade SmallHyP14/12/3150
Portrait of Phoenix SmallAKUMAAAAA20/18/2224
Portrait of Kayo SmallGoaster14/18/12167
Portrait of Omen SmallTheBigFiz16/17/15180
Portrait of Killjoy SmallkAdavra23/17/2254

Supra Beaux Gosses

Portrait of Jett SmallTakaS24/17/4236
Portrait of Killjoy SmalllogaN11/17/12153
Portrait of Omen SmallWailers17/19/11206
Portrait Sova SmallbeyAz13/17/8153
Portrait of Kayo SmallnataNk17/17/16204

Summary of the return match Mandatory vs Supra Beaux Gosses

The match started with Mandatory losing in the pistol-round, followed by two more SBG wins. Determined to take revenge, our players showed their teeth and defended themselves brilliantly in the rest of the first half. Thanks to kAdavra, with the help of a very strong Killjoy, but also with very good team performances, they took over and even won their side. At side change, Mandatory was leading 8 - 4.

This time, Supra Beaux Gosses did not succeed in winning on the pistol-round. The gap in the score widened even more. With Mandatory leading 10-4, SBG called a timeout to regain their composure and calm the game down. The break paid off, as they managed to reduce the gap in the score. Our players also had time to crack a few jokes, before going on to win two more. The only thing missing was a point to win the match. But a Valorant match is never over beforehand. The Killjoy of Logan and the Jett from TakaS gave us a hard time, so much so that SBG won over time.

The end of the game was fast. Despite their efforts, our players fell under the bullets of the opponents and finally lost 12 - 14.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

A rush? No, it's not.

1 2 3 kAdavra!