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Mandatory vs Sector One (First leg) - Challengers France 2023

Third match of the first week of the Challengers France 2023: Mandatory faced Sector One. A rather one-sided match for the players of Mandatory, this time in great shape. The team found its aggressiveness and was able to continually surprise their opponents.

(Chosen by: MDR)

MDR 13 - 4 S1


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP13/8/10207
Portrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA12/14/3202
Portrait of Fade SmallGoaster16/10/2315
Portrait of BrimstoneTheBigFiz14/9/8235
Portrait of Cypher SmallkAdavra20/6/5315

Sector One

Portrait of Kayo Smallq6/15/7111
Portrait of Fade SmallMaximN11/14/1152
Portrait of Brimstonedash11/14/9210
Portrait of Neon SmallAlyx5/17/3101
Portrait of Killjoy Smallpoegi14/15/0211

Summary of the match Mandatory vs Sector One

The match was played on Fracture, with Mandatory on Attack to start. Despite losing the first two rounds, the new line-up was stronger than ever in this first split. This is largely thanks to kAdavra wo, despite his Cypher pick, was aggressive and regularly surprised his opponents. On their side, Goaster on Fade and AKUMAAAAA on Neon have taken full advantage of the Breach controls of HyP and the Brimstone of TheBigFiz to get into the sites and eliminate the Sector One players. At side change, Mandatory was leading 9-3.

New pistol round and new defeat for Mandatory. While one would expect to lose the economy round, kAdavra revealed his inner beast and managed to eliminate the Sector One players and win the round. The Mandatory team was overall more aggressive than ever, so much so that one almost wondered who was playing Attack and who was playing Defence. By penetrating directly into the enemy lines, they managed to surprise them. Mandatory did not concede a single round and won their third match with a score of 13-4.

VOD of the match

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