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Joblife vs Mandatory (2nd leg) - Challengers France 2023

This was the last match of the regular season of the first split of the VCL 2023. Mandatory had already qualified for the playoff semi-finals, but Joblife played for better seeding. It was an opportunity for our team to try out some new things, especially AKUMAAAAA who is starting a transition to Jett since the nerf of Raze. Freed of the stakes, Mandatory completely dominated Joblife, winning the match 13-4.

MAP: Haven
(Chosen by : Joblife )

Joblife 4 - 13 Mandatory


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP5/11/13139
Portrait of Jett SmallAKUMAAAAA23/9/1354
Portrait of Fade SmallGoaster23/7/5346
Portrait of Omen SmallTheBigFiz8/9/12121
Portrait of Killjoy SmallkAdavra14/9/2213


Portrait of Omen SmallYayax15/14/7241
Portrait of Jett SmallKillu12/15/2226
Portrait of Breach SmallrodeN6/16/697
Portrait of Killjoy Smallso0n7/14/1140
Portrait of Fade SmallMarctylinho5/14/483

Summary of the 2nd Leg: Mandatory vs Joblife

The first side starts with Mandatory in Defence. Joblife win the first round, but get caught by AKUMAAAAA in the eco. Forced to lowbuy, the JLs get slaughtered by kAdavra in the bonus round. The Mandatory domination continues throughout the first side, with individual blows from each of our players. Goaster also does a quadrakill, while AKUMAAAAA shines with his Jett and Operator. The economy is too much on MDR's side for their opponents to come back.

At the side change, Mandatory leads 8-4. Mandatory wins the pistol round on a clutch, but also the eco and bonus round. JL doesn't manage to put a single round in Defence. Mandatory wins the match with a score of 13 to 4.

VOD of the match

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