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Joblife vs Mandatory (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

After a break of just under a month, the Valorant Challengers League resumes and Mandatory opens the ball once again. Our team faced Joblife, in a complicated match... JLs simply dominated Mandatory in this first match.

MAP: Haven
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

Joblife 13 - 5 Mandatory


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP7/12/4119
Portrait of Jett SmallAKUMAAAAA11/16/0164
Portrait Sova SmallGoaster10/14/3172
Portrait of Killjoy SmallTheBigFiz7/15/2124
Portrait of Omen SmallkAdavra16/15/5253


Portrait of Omen SmallYayax15/9/11225
Portrait of Jett SmallNayte16/10/4255
Portrait of Breach SmallrodeN13/8/10199
Portrait of Killjoy SmallSo0n17/11/1236
Portrait Sova SmallMarctylinho11/13/6172

Summary of the first leg Joblife vs Mandatory - (First leg - Split 2)

Although the match started well for Mandatory with a score of 3-1, the Joblife players quickly regained the upper hand. JL played very fast and placed their control abilities perfectly well, preventing HyP and his associates from planting the Spike. They regularly took the numerical advantage before tightening the grip on the remaining players, no matter where Mandatory attacked. JL did not concede any more rounds and dominated the first phase of play with a score of 9-3.

There were no miracles in the second half of the game. JLs were imperial, especially Nayte, but also So0n and rodeN. The new strategy of TheBigFiz and kAdavra who exchanged their roles and agents for this beginning of the Split did not seem to be perfected yet. Mandatory loses its first game 5 to 13.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

Fizz's hat-trick

Our next meeting will take place tomorrow, Sunday 9th April. Our players will face the brand new roster of 3DMax. To follow this match, we invite you to visit ZeratoR's Twitch channel, from 7pm.