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Mandatory vs Heet (2nd leg) - Challengers France 2023

There are only 2 games left before the playoffs of the first split in this VCL France. Mandatory must secure its second place in this match against HEET. For HEET, the qualification is at stake, even though the team is in turmoil following its removal from its organisation. An important game, but one that was also played on a brand new patch with the return of Split and the nerfs of Killjoy and Raze.

The match was one of the closest of the whole split for Mandatory, but our team won in the end.

MAP: Split
(Chosen by: Heet)

MDR 13 - 11 HEET


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP21/14/11230
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA21/20/6256
Portrait of Fade SmallGoaster17/18/7202
Portrait of Astra SmallTheBigFiz13/18/13175
Portrait of Cypher SmallkAdavra15/15/6177


About Sage SmallKinguyen18/18/9208
Portrait of Killjoy Smallmemset15/14/2183
Portrait of Astra Smallb2kk17/17/9179
Portrait of Raze SmallMonstrum21/22/7252
Portrait of Breach Smallwaddle14/16/14171

Summary of the match Mandatory vs Heet

The match started extremely well for Mandatory in defence. The team won the Pistol Round on good synergy, but also the eco and bonus round. Despite Raze's nerf, AKUMAAAAA makes a mess of things. kAdavra takes over in the fourth round with a clutch. But the HEETs are getting into their stride. They use Sage's walls and Astra's smokes perfectly to take the height advantage and score three rounds in a row. The game is then balanced and few rounds end with more than one player alive. The first side ended with a 6-6 score.

Once in defence, HEET imposes its rhythm, still thanks to Kinguyen and his perfect placements. Even if the match remains disputed, the rotations of Mandatory are not fast enough and HEET takes little by little the advantage. But MDR has not said its last word. The team decides to play more tightly and much more slowly, which allows them to come back to equality at 11-11, notably thanks to HyP and TheBigFiz of surgical precision in their picks. In the end, it is Goaster who wins the very last round.

Mandatory wins with a score of 13-11 and confirms 100%'s presence in the playoffs.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match