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Mandatory vs Gentle Mates (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

Today, Mandatory faced Gentle Mates in a new electric face-off in the Split 2 of the VCL France 2023. If our opponents largely dominated the duels at the beginning of the season, the story is quite different now. HyP and his comrades made both the enemies and the spectators sweat with good performances. Already victorious in the last few matches, the players of Gotaga, Brawks and Squeezie, however, were able to win the first leg once again.

MAP: Split
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

Mandatory 11 - 13 Gentle Mates


Mandatory vs Gentle Mates (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023 - mandatory valorant database agents portrait gekko mini 1 -HyP14/15/8182
Portrait Skye SmallAKUMAAAAA16/19/9210
Portrait of Raze SmallGoaster15/18/0179
Portrait Viper SmallTheBigFiz20/17/5225
Portrait of Astra SmallkAdavra16/17/6182

Gentle Mates

Portrait of Jett SmallTakaS13/21/5174
Portrait Viper SmalllogaN14/13/7166
Portrait Skye SmallbeyAz14/18/1154
Portrait of Raze SmallnataNk23/15/5267
Portrait of Astra SmallWailers22/14/5212

Summary of the first leg Gentle Mates vs Mandatory (Split 2)

In this match, Mandatory and Gentle Mates battled it out on the new version of Split. At the beginning of the game, Akumaaaaa, HyP, Goaster, kAdavra and TheBigFiz took the lead after a pistol-round victory. However, TakaS and LogaN were not willing to let us take the lead. One win, two wins, three wins, they are now leading this match. With credit reserves dwindling drastically, Mandatory chose to take a little joke break.

This moment of respite and fun paid off. If the entries on site B are too complicated, it was time to try to break through the opposing defences on A! Three times, the team managed to get on site to plant the Spike and take down the Gentle Mates one after the other. Between the beautiful individual action of TheBigFiz and the knife kill of HyP, round 10 was a pleasure for the Mandatory fans!

Unfortunately, by settling into a rush routine, it was to be expected that the opponents would react. Thus, the next attempt was stopped short by a triple from Wailers. At the changeover, the Gentle Mates were 5-7 down, but as ZeratoR likes to repeat " a game of Valorant is never a foregone conclusion" . By winning the second pistol-round, our opponents logically come back to the score and take the lead again in this match. Our defence is good, but the other team is better. Their entrances are clean and they are successful.

The pressure was building as the innings wore on. As the counters read 9-12, and a close win for the Gentle Mates loomed, HyP and his big brain managed to put off the end of the match. In the next round, the Mandatory duos held their positions perfectly on both sites and won again to close the gap in the score. Nevertheless, beyAz and his team put the i's and t's together in the following round, and concluded the match with a score of 13-11.

VOD of the match

Our next game will be on 29th April at 9pm. This time, we will face the players from Solary. To follow this match live, go to ZeratoR's Twitch channel.