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Mandatory defeats Gentle Mates - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

The regular season of Split 2 from the VCL France 2023 ended on Monday 22nd May. During the evening, Mandatory faced Gentle Mates, their eternal rivals this season. For us, this match was important on several levels: on the one hand, victory finally meant revenge, and on the other, it put us in a good position to reach the play-off semi-finals directly.

Unlike its predecessors, this new confrontation ended in defeat for the Gentle Mates. While the presence of APO, TaKas's substitute for this match, could have unsettled our players, but it was not to be! What's more, led by a supercharged kAdavra, Mandatory put together a string of victorious rounds to claim victory 13 to 4.

MAP: Pearl
(Chosen by: Gentle Mates)

Mandatory 13 - 4 GentleMates


Mandatory defeated Gentle Mates in the second leg of Split 2 - VCL France 2023 - mandatory valorant database agents portrait gekko mini 1 -HyP4/9/785
Portrait Skye SmallAKUMAAAAA10/11/11167
Portrait of Raze SmallGoaster14/12/2218
Portrait Viper SmallTheBigFiz9/6/2120
Portrait of Astra SmallkAdavra24/6/3369

Gentle Mates

Portrait of Jett SmallAPO (replacing TaKaS)11/10/3205
Portrait Viper SmalllogaN10/10/3176
Portrait Skye SmallbeyAz3/13/1067
Portrait of Raze SmallnataNk14/15/6249
Portrait of Astra SmallWailers6/14/5126

Gentle Mates vs Mandatory - Second Leg - Split 2

Despite the fact that they hadn't played Pearl in the whole Split, the Gentle Mates chose this map to play against us. At the end of the first two rounds, the choice seemed judicious, but our opponents were soon disappointed. As expected, Mandatory won on the bonus round, a victory that led to a second and then a third, before Gentle Mates called a timeout. The result was clear, TakaS asbent for an injured wrist, they find themselves in trouble. It has to be said that this unrivalled duelist is capable of turning the tables with just a few kunai and Operator shots...

Unfortunately for them, the break did not have the desired effect. As our players found their rhythm, they became unstoppable... well almost. Round 8, nataNk scored a triple to earn the Gentle Mates a third point. However, it was the last point they earned in the first half. Goaster and kAdavra are monstrous and chain double and triple eliminations, so that at the changeover Mandatory was leading 9-3.

Despite a very good performance APO in the second pistol-round, Gentle Mates lost out again; it must be said that Goaster made another massacre. In the next two rounds, it was kAdavra's turn to shine, taking out three opponents. The pressure was on as victory loomed, but nothing was decided yet! And to prove it, our opponents are still in the game: they picked up a fourth point at the end of round 16.

Nobody knew it yet, but the next round would prove incredible. As ZeratoR and the rest of the chat raised their hands in support of Mandatory, the Gentle Mates attempted a fast push on B by rushing into the central corridor and the main entrance. The two teams soon found themselves with four players each, and Wailers manage to plant the Spike.

It's a real mental battle as the clock ticks down! A few eliminations later, only four survivors remain, two in each camp. Thanks to Snake Bites, kAdavra immobilises Wailers and LogaNNNN in the back area of site B, rushes to the Spike, hidden by his smoke, and starts to defuse...

Wailers' shots will eventually bring down Akumaaaaa, but they crossed the smoke from one side to the other without reaching kAdavra. Imperturbable and determined, he remains on the ground, his hand on the Spike: as they say, pros never fake. And he held on, to glory and victory!

Thanks to this superb clutch, Mandatory finally came out on top 13 to 4. Excellent throughout the match, kAdavra finished with 369 ACS and a KDA of 24/6/3; no wonder you decided to award him the title of MVP by Flunch!

While the win was particularly satisfying, it's important to bear in mind that our opponents weren't necessarily in the best of shape that night. Nevertheless, the result is still very encouraging for the play-offs. We look forward to seeing them in the final and the rematch of Split 1! And may the best team win...

VOD of the match

Before we get there, the next stage is the semi-final! We'll meet the winner of the quarter-final between Zerance and Joblife. To follow our match live and raise your arms in support of the whole team, go to ZeratoR's Twitch channel on 8th June, starting at 5pm.