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Mandatory vs Benelux United (2nd leg) - Challengers France 2023

First match of this fourth week of the Challengers France, Mandatory was facing the brand new team of BLX United. Indeed, after the end of Sector One and the departure of two players, the formation no longer has much in common with the one of the first leg. These changes are rather positive but not enough to beat a Mandatory team that can no longer really make mistakes.

(Chosen by: MDR)

BLX 8 - 13 MDR


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP14/14/12195
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA13/15/4206
Portrait of Fade SmallGoaster23/11/10293
Portrait of Omen SmallTheBigFiz17/11/10209
Portrait of Killjoy SmallkAdavra16/9/5206

BLX United

Portrait of Astra Smallq5/16/1186
Portrait of Fade Smallri4d14/17/10199
Portrait of Breach SmallMaximN10/16/12135
Portrait of Raze SmallNayte22/17/2290
Portrait of Killjoy SmallAlyx9/17/3143

Summary of the match BLX United vs Mandatory

The game started with a pistol round won by Mandatory in Defence. However, the advantage was quickly taken by BLX United who led 5 rounds to 3 once Nayte was able to get some real weapons. Fortunately, Goaster and kAdavra provides the most important kills early in the game and allows the majority of defensive rounds to begin with a numerical advantage. A flawless and the excellent coverage of players, including HyP, they have been able to secure this side and finish with a score of 7-6 at side change.

Mandatory's team play shines even more brightly in Attack, led by a AKUMAAAAA particularly aggressive. He takes advantage of the control offered by all his allies to empty the various points, which forces BLX to remain cautious. The game remains relatively tight all the same, until the very last rounds. Against all odds, Mandatory wins an eco on a flawless and completely turns the economy around. The game can then end with a clutch of TheBigFiz which resulted in a 13-8 win.

VOD of the match

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Clips of the match

HyP's cover

Expedited round

First Flawless in Attack

Flawless in Eco

Fiz's Final Clutch