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BeGenius vs Mandatory (2nd leg) - Challengers France 2023

The return match against BeGenius concluded a very important fourth week for Mandatory in this Challengers France 2023. In a bad situation after last week's disappointing results, the team achieved this week a perfect week to secure their playoff place. Here's a look back at the tightest game of the week.

MAP: Ascent
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

BGN 11 - 13 MDR


Portrait of Fade SmallHyP 13/16/13160
Portrait of Phoenix SmallAKUMAAAAA24/17/3296
Portrait of Kayo SmallGoaster19/14/8221
Portrait of Omen SmallTheBigFiz19/15/17227
Portrait of Killjoy SmallkAdavra11/16/5123


Portrait of Omen SmallTiduS 12/20/11169
Portrait of Kayo SmallOorime 15/19/11172
Portrait of Jett SmallKONEQT 17/16/1193
Portrait of Killjoy SmallJakexd22/14/8277
Portrait Sova SmallOniBy12/17/101177

Summary of the match Mandatory vs BeGenius

Mandatory in Attack loses the first round, but tries a force-buy in the second. A strategy that doesn't pay off and forces MDR to start 3 rounds behind before recovering. Once in fullbuy, the game becomes much more balanced. Mandatory manages to come back 5 rounds, thanks to the regularity of TheBigFiz, but BeGenius' defence is formidable. OniBy on Sova stays in the spawn and does some incredible line-ups, spotting or hurting Mandatory players by surprise. TiduS perfectly bypasses our team too, making pincer attacks on Mandatory. BeGenius wins the first side with a score of 7-5.

At side change, things remain complicated for Mandatory, but the team is gradually catching up. BeGenius is extremely aggressive, but runs into the wall of Goaster and TheBigFiz. Mandatory plays the retakes perfectly, despite BeGenius's well-established strategies. Under pressure, BeGenius team prefers to try force-buys in their turn to get back into the last rounds. It was another failure that precipitated their fall into an unfavourable economy spiral. Mandatory finally wins the game on a flawless, avoiding overtime, with a score of 13 to 11.

VOD of the match

Best moves

The match starts at fourth round

A victory on the knife edge

TheBigFiz, our hero

Tense retakes

Happy birthday, HyP!