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Mandatory vs beGenius (First leg) - Challengers France 2023

This Saturday evening, Mandatory began its second week of competition in the French Challengers. For this new first leg match, our players faced beGenius. Efficient and precise, TheBigFiz and his teammates showed their talent throughout the game, which was mastered from A to Z!

MAP: Haven
(Chosen by: beGenius)

MDR 13 - 4 BGN


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP13/9/9203
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA20/11/5335
Portrait of Fade SmallGoaster17/10/13255
Portrait of Omen SmallTheBigFiz12/10/9201
Portrait of Killjoy SmallkAdavra15/4/2245


Portrait of Omen SmallTiduS10/15/6165
Portrait of Breach SmallOorime6/14/8106
Portrait of Jett SmallKONEQT11/17/0192
Portrait of Cypher SmallJakexd6/16/4111
Portrait of Fade SmallOniBy11/15/3198

Summary of the match Mandatory vs BeGenius

This new SuperWeek started with a brand new map for Mandatory! While last week, it was mainly on Ascent that our players had to face the other teams, they played Haven tonight.

From the start of the game, Hyp, our Captaaaaaaaain, and heis teammates showed their precision, winning the first pistol-round of the evening. A superb 4K from Goaster in the next round set the tone for the match. The loss in the first bonus round did not stop our players from winning the defence, who quickly took the lead. When the score went up to 6-1, beGenius tried to calm down the pace with a timeout, but to no avail. Our players are precise, efficient, play calmly and as a team. On several occasions, they coordinate perfectly to play the retakes, and it works! At side change, Mandatory leads 10-2.

Second pistol-round of the evening, second win for our players! beGenius tried to get back on track, winning the next round and the one after that. Nevertheless, TheBigFiz had decided otherwise. During the sixteenth round, he made an excellent foray into the site and knocked down 4 opponents. Only one point was missing for the victory. The last enemy rush was stopped dead in its tracks. Mandatory emerged victorious from the match.

VOD of the match