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Mandatory VS BeGenius ends in a draw – VRL France Match 6

Only 3 games remained for Mandatory to climb back up the overall ranking! After a very complicated week against Sector One, we had to get back on track. For this match 6, we faced BeGenius. If the first map didn't live up to our hopes, the team recovered on Split and showed a real team cohesion in the different moves, resulting in a tie.

Final score

Mandatory7 Bind 13
11 Split 13

The first round was played on Bind. Mandatory was able to hold off BeGenius' attacks on Defence, thanks in particular to Jbzz and APO. But once on Attack, our players did not succeed at all. Darklight and Ridder formed a strong duo, capable of catching and surprising regularly.

Fortunately, things got better on Split. The Mandatory team managed to punish BeGenius, who force-buy almost every round. Thanks to careful site taking, sometimes A, sometimes B, HyP and his teammates are able to lock down the accesses. Once on defense, teamwork once again proved its worth. Even though there were a few scares when it came to the last point, Mandatory won in the end.


Map 1: Bind

Map 2: Split

Best moves

A crazy first round

The night started well for Mandatory, particularly on this round won by a hair by Jbzz who kills an opponent completely blind through the wall and defuses the Spike by a margin of a hair.

Mandatory's teamplay

Valorant remains a team game above all, and rounds are won together! When it comes to recovering the poison-ridden A-site, HoppY, HyP, Jbzz and APO manage to coordinate their spells in such a way as to leave BeGenius no way out before picking them up.

Jbzz's surprise pick

If we won Split, it was probably thanks to the surprise pick of Jbzz who, against all odds, played Raze and managed to take several grenade kills.