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Mandatory vs Akroma (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

The second week of the VCL France Split 2 starts with a match against Akroma for Mandatory. Even though our players were favourites, anything was possible in this match: BeGenius have a new structure, the match was played on a new version of Split and Mandatory was testing a new composition. Despite all these factors, Mandatory won the match!

MAP: Split
(Chosen by: Akroma)

Mandatory 13 - 10 Akroma

Mandatory vs Akroma (Go Match) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023 - mandatory esport vs akroma challengers france 2023 split 2 go score -
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Mandatory vs Akroma (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023 - mandatory valorant database agents portrait gekko mini 1 -HyP15/16/7159
Portrait Skye SmallAKUMAAAAA18/15/11234
Portrait of Jett SmallGoaster19/15/4234
Portrait Viper SmallTheBigFiz17/18/6206
Portrait of Astra SmallkAdavra20/15/11254


Portrait of Jett SmallhrZXv324/21/4304
About Sage SmallOniBy17/14/6186
Portrait Viper SmallJakexd13/19/8184
Portrait of Astra SmallTiduS15/18/9162
Portrait Skye Small10K10/17/5128

Summary of the first leg Akroma vs Mandatory (First leg - Split 2)

It was the first time that Mandatory played an official match on Split since the changes made on it. For the occasion, the team completely revised its usual composition. Mandatory started on Defense and took the first two rounds, not without some scares inflicted by Tidus who manages to kill 3 players while alone against 4. Once the two teams were more economically stable, it was Akroma who took the lead. Led by hrZXv3, the two teams had a lot of success in the first game, and they took over the sites as well as the numerical advantage. Even though the map favours the attackers, Mandatory manages not to fall too far behind in the score and ends the first side with a 5-7 advantage for Akroma.

Mandatory loses the second pistol round, but doesn't let Akroma take another point. They try a force-buy which eventually paid off and started a series of rounds that allowed them to regain the lead with a score of 9 to 8. The map is covered with various smokes and mollies, so you can't see much, but it's a situation that seems to benefit Goaster and kAdavra who systematically manage to find their opponents in the chaos. On his side, TheBigFiz prevents any attempt to retreat or bypass Akroma. The timings of HyP which always creates a diversion at the right moment to let AKUMAAAAA to quietly eliminate their opponents, also work miracles.

The final score is rather close, like the game, but Mandatory wins its 4th victory of the Split.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

Effective protection

The right timings

The defence is tense

Post-plant remontada


kAdavra's magic jumper