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3DMax vs Mandatory (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

Second match of Split 2, after its defeat against Joblife, Mandatory had to even the score. Mission accomplished against 3DMax, but not without difficulty. The new formation led by Davidp, Killu and Ooriime gave Mandatory a hard time until the end of overtime.

MAP: Pearl
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

3DMax 15 - 17 Mandatory


Portrait Harbor SmallHyP31/20/9261
Portrait of Jett SmallAKUMAAAAA25/24/4221
Portrait Skye SmallGoaster24/24/9211
Portrait of Killjoy SmallTheBigFiz15/20/4136
Portrait of Astra SmallkAdavra20/18/11181


Portrait of Fade SmallDavidp18/21/17173
Portrait of Kayo SmallbRAAAH31/22/20259
Portrait of Jett SmallKillu19/27/6187
Portrait of Killjoy SmallOoriime27/22/6251
Portrait of Astra SmallB1GGY11/23/9107

Summary of the first leg 3DMax vs Mandatory (First leg - Split 2)

The match was close from the very first rounds. Even though Mandatory won the first two rounds, it was all down to the wire. With the exception of a quadrakill of AKUMAAAAA which caused a flawless in the fourth round, there were few rounds where more than two players were still standing at the end. Mandatory managed to plant the Spike every round, which ensured they had funds even in the event of losing rounds, but also a nice deluge of ultimates throughout the first side. In the end, the Mandatory players only won the Attack by one point, and the side change is therefore 7-5.

New pistol round, new victory for Mandatory who even has the luxury of doing a flawless. The time when Mandatory lost his pistol-round seems to be over. If the duo HyP and AKUMAAAAA worked wonders at the beginning of the side, allowing the team to lead 9-5, that's when 3DMax came out with the big game. Our opponents went on a 5-round winning streak, putting them in the lead. From that moment on, the clashes were more intense than ever and both teams finally arrived at the fateful 12-12 that took them to overtime.

The overtime was an opportunity to have many scares. 3DMax won three times, but Mandatory managed to equalise the score. In the end it was kAdavra, in an improbable clutch, who managed to break for Mandatory in the 30th round. Mandatory finally won its last round on defence, ending the match on a score of 17-15.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

ZeratoR's Multiplex

High tension rounds

kAdavra's clutch

The next match will be against BLX United and will take place tomorrow, Monday 10th April, from 6pm. As always, you can follow it on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.