Our Valorant team

Mandatory V3, the Fragmovie

If the Valorant news in France is rather quiet since the end of the VRL, we were not inactive for all that! You have seen it, Mandatory made some changes to the team by recruiting TheBigFiz and Babax and, after months of preparation and a promising bootcamp, we are ready to dive back into the competition to show you the fruits of our labour.

To celebrate the formation of our new line-up and in anticipation of the arrival of the Valorant French Cup as well as the Lyon e-SportWe wanted to prepare a video highlighting our players. It is very likely that we went a bit too far, but what do you expect, we had to show ourselves as well as our ambitions and all the support you have given us since the beginning of this adventure.

Please feel free to give feedback on the video in the YouTube comments and to share it as much as possible to make the sound of the hammers resound to the ends of the earth. For the rest, we look forward to seeing you from 27th October for the launch of the French Cup. We will give you more precise schedules as soon as they are available.