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Mandatory triumphs over Valar Morghulis - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 8

It was the last match of the Super Week! With Karmine Corp losing their second game in a row on the day, it was a chance to get back on level terms with our rivals. We faced Valar Morghulis for the 8th and penultimate match of the first round of the Split 2 of the VRL. Despite some early scares, we ended up winning the game by a score of 13-6!

Final score

MDR 13 - 6 VMS


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP18/10/8233
Portrait of Cypher SmallAPO13/12/6180
Portrait of Astra SmallhoppY14/12/4204
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA21/17/6314
Portrait of ChamberGoaster11/14/2161

Team BDS

Portrait of Astra Smallb2kk11/15/7153
Portrait of ChamberKillu18/14/4260
Portrait of Raze SmallLeeN12/17/4181
Portrait of Breach SmallNeskaaS14/16/1205
Portrait of Omen Small10K10/15/9167

Summary of the match

The game had started badly for Mandatory. Our game was a bit messy and insecure at the beginning of the game, allowing VMS to lead 4-1. It was at this point that our players started to get their act together and go back up the rounds, even though they were at a numerical disadvantage in terms of players and economy. HoppY and HyP in particular are holding the fort. AKUMAAAAA and Goaster take the first kills, while APO also starts winning 1v2s. In the end, Mandatory wins their Attack round 7-5.

At the side change, VMS tried some inconclusive force-buy which reinforced our advantage. AKUMAAAAA then felt like growing wings and ran into the opposing spells to slaughter his opponents. VMS was never really able to recover against the Mandatory defence. We won the last game of the Super Week with a score of 13-6.

Best moves

The nerves of steel of Goaster

Cornered and pressed for time, Goaster put the Spike down at the last moment and won a complicated duel to protect it, putting Mandatory back in the running.

The iron defense of HyP and hoppY

The AKUMAAAAA tornado


Next match, Monday 30th May 2022, at 9pm: Vitality vs Mandatory.