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Mandatory triumphs over Sector One - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 13

For this 13th match of the split 2, Mandatory takes on Sector One again. The first leg was very close between the two teams, as an overtime was played. However, after almost 70 minutes of play, it was finally our players who won against the foxes. This time, things were a bit different and the game was much faster, as Mandatory triumphed over their opponents with a score of 13-7.

Final score

MDR 13 - 7 Sector One


Portrait of Fade SmallHyP12/13/11179
Portrait Sova SmallAPO18/12/6267
Portrait of Omen SmallhoppY8/13/11127
Portrait of Phoenix SmallAKUMAAAAA23/12/4306
Portrait of ChamberGoaster20/11/2247

Sector One


Portrait of Killjoy SmalliDex10/17/1131
Portrait of Omen SmallMARCTYLINHO12/15/6148
Portrait of Raze SmallOLIZERA16/17/3232
Portrait of Jett Smallsaiko15/16/6232
Portrait of Breach Smallqpert8/16/10154

Summary of the match

Sector One was on the attack for the start of the game and the match started off very well. Both teams were very aggressive, but the pistol round was in our favour, as was the next. This was not enough to impress the Sector One, who then secured three rounds. The rounds went on and on, with players on both sides being absolutely boiling hot. However, Mandatory were able to win more duels and ended the first phase of play at 8-4, with AKUMAAAAA once again giving us a very nice ACE.

Once the roles were reversed, the players lost none of their aggression and the hostilities started again. Mandatory again secured the pistol round and quickly brought Sector One to heel. The latter had not said their last word, however, and although they were down 12-4, they gave it their all to come back. OLIZERA and saiko were monstrous and put several times under pressure our international clutcher: APO. However, this was not enough. Mandatory quickly recovered and ended up closing the game 13-7.

Best moves

A very angry pistol round

The double mollyyyyyy

APO does not lose any clutch!

The legendary crossfire


Next match, Thursday 9th June 2022 at 8pm: MAD Lions vs Mandatory.