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Mandatory wins against OG – VRL 2022 Split 2 – Match 1

The VRL is back and once again Mandatory is the first to take the stage! New split, new team ! After finishing last in Split 1, it was time to show what we've learned and what we're made of. A successful bet, as Mandatory completely outplayed OG in a match that looked like a rematch of Split 1.

Results and scores

OG 5 - 13 MDR


Portrait of BrimstoneuNKOE6/16/7121
About Sage SmallOniBy7/14/1107
Portrait of Breach Smallfxy019/15/4289
Portrait of ChamberLaAw7/17/3118
Portrait of Raze SmallKONEQT12/16/3216


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP3/12/1184
About Sage SmallAPO13/9/5174
Portrait of BrimstonehoppY17/13/7272
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA21/8/9318
Portrait of ChamberGoaster24/9/2343

Summary of the match

It was important for Mandatory to set the tone! The match started with a very nice series of rounds won by HyP and his allies. AKUMAAAAA's aggressiveness on Raze and Goaster's coolness on Chamber worked wonders. With 7-1 on the scoreboard, Mandatory had already won the Attack side. The challenge was then to get the most bonus points. A complicated project since the OG players, especially fxy0, are gradually building up pressure! The score at the side change is 8-4 for our team.

Once in Defense, the Mandatory team again won the pistol-round on a superb synergy of HyP and AKUMAAAAA. The following rounds were taken care of by a hoppY with great precision. The team only had to play their very aggressive game, even on Defense, to overwhelm OG and win the first game of Split 2 with art and style.

Best moves

Getting started

The Split 2 of the VRL France started with a round won by Mandatory. This set the tone for the next 17 matches.

His name is Goa(s)ter

Well, you can't win them all either...

We have to admit that fxy0 is a valiant opponent who was able to put some suspense in the game!

The Sacred Grenade

Take that sniper away from Goaster, he's far too dangerous with it!

ZeratoR's very professional debriefing


Next match, Tuesday 10th May 2022, at 9pm : Karmine Corp vs Mandatory.