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Mandatory wins the RTBF iXPé Online Sessions 2023

AKUMAAAAA, TheBigFiz, Goaster and SoOn, accompanied by CyvOph, which replaced HyPparticipated at the RTBF iXPé Online Sessions 2023. From the quarter-final to the Grand Final, Mandatory put in a very fine performance, and ultimately came out on top. a new title! Here's a quick recap of the two days of competition.

Summary of the quarter-final against QLF

AKUMAAAAA, TheBigFiz, Goaster, SoOn and CyvOph kicked off the tournament on Sunset. And to surprise our opponents on the day, QLFGoaster has released a legendary Yoru/Operator combo! He was extremely precise and found a number of first-bloods that undermined the opposition's strategy. In addition to Goaster's efficiency, our entire defence was solid. One by one, our players showed what they were capable of and put on a great show. Despite their good ideas, Pitou and his allies only managed to take a few points in the first half, which ended with a quadrakill by SoOn and the score was 8-4.

In Attack, Mandatory makes a killing. The performances were clean, our players got back on site with ease and the points kept coming. After a strategic timeout, QLF managed to take an extra point - we salute the performance of Pitou in this round - but for them, the Online Sessions adventure came to an end in the next round. Mandatory wins 13-5 and qualified for the semi-final.

Summary of the semi-final against 3DMO

In this semi-final, we faced 3DMOA mix of talented players, including Darxciothe young Belgian prodigy who has several times reached the Radiant 1 position in the world rankings. So nothing was a foregone conclusion.

The start of the match on Lotus was not all plain sailing for our players. Fortunately, though, sOon clutch in the fifth roundThis was enough to give us some breathing space. As the first half wore on, Goaster and his team-mates hit the nail on the head. Initially behind, they gradually gained the upper hand. And change, 3DMO are four points behind.

In Attack, we foolishly lost an armed round to an eco, leaving 3DMO better equipped for the next round. Although they took advantage of this to gain another point, their advantage was short-lived. Mandatory took the lead. At the end of the seventeenth round, the score was 10 - 7. The 3DMOs didn't know it yet, but they had just won their last point of this semi-final. Shortly afterwards, the game came to an end with a superb triple kill from Goaster and the 13 to 7. Off to the final!

Summary of the final against HSMIX

No Zerance or Valiant in sight for the final match of the Online Sessions 2023, as these two teams have been eliminated by HSMIX. This is another mix of high-performing players, such as DarkLight or MaximN.

A difficult first victory

Unlike the other matches in the tournament, the Grand Final was played in BO3. And it's on Haven the battle began. At the start of the game, our players set the pace and took a lead, winning the bonus round. But... we're in the final. And a final means determination! DarkLight and his cohorts did not give up. Trailing 4-0 at the start of the fifth round, they finally equalised in the eighth.

Afterwards, CyVoph gives Mandatory an extra point thanks to two great eliminations. And our players went on to win many more in the first half! At the changeover, they were back in the lead by four points. For HSMIX, it's MACHINA who shines. He made several decisive eliminations. Thanks in part to his work, HSMIX equalised and then, for the first time in this match, took the lead.

The end of the game is even more intense. Mandatory and HSMIX trade wins and losses. The pressure was stepped up a notch when our opponents reached the twelve-point mark, but the superb Goaster quadrakill - and good defending from TheBigFiz and AKUMAAAAA - gave us extra time. Yopha responded with a clutch to give his team victory. Mandatory can no longer afford to make any mistakes...

As we might have expected, both teams performed well and took it in turns to take the points. A hat-trick from AKUMAAAAA in the twenty-ninth heat (Yes, that's where we are!), put us in the lead. In the next heat, CyvOph, SoOn and AKUMAAAAA opened fire on their opponents, who were stuck in the garage. HSMIX was devastated. Mandatory won the first card with a score of 16 à 14.

Mandatory wins the final

The confrontation continued on Sunset. In the first few rounds, HSMIX had a bit of the upper hand, but neither team was able to extend their lead. Nonetheless, our players made a few good eliminations, which finally enabled them to take the lead. lead by two small points to change.

The second half got off to a much better start for Mandatory, who racked up three wins: AKUMAAAAA and CyvOph even made a killing in the bonus round. rYn and his mates did what it took to stay in the game, and the hard work paid off. After 18 rounds played, the counters are at 10-8 in favour of Mandatory.

Unfortunately for them, CyvOph is determined to win the Online Sessions 2023. He offers itself an ace two rounds later to close in on victory. The HSMIXs then survived one more round, before bowing out. 13-9falling one by one under the precise bullets of the Goaster Sheriff.

Our players drop out a new title to add to their list of achievements, in addition to the 2,500 cashprize reserved for the winners. This competition was an opportunity for them to try out new things in official matches and to get back into shape before the next Challengers France season. But before that, AKUMAAAAA, Goaster, TheBigFiz, HyP (DreamHack revenue) and SoOn will take part in the Main Event of the Mandatory Cup 2023.