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Mandatory prevents Vitality from qualifying – VRL France - Last Match of Split 1

We've been waiting a long time for this match between Mandatory and Vitality ! When we founded the team, all of our players wanted to play the historic French esport organisation. This match was supposed to take place last month, but it was postponed and ended up being our last match of the split.

For Mandatory, there was no more at stake. The team had no chance to qualify for the playoffs. But for Vitality, this match was of the utmost importance: they had to win both maps to be able to continue the tournament.

By winning the first map, Mandatory disqualified Vitality, in favour of BeGenius..

Final score

Vitality8 Fracture 13
13 Split 4

Table of VRL scores

The match started on Fracture, a map selected by Vitality, but which didn't really work for them. Mandatory on defense managed to slow down the progression of the opponent by answering the enemy skills with the walls of Sage and Astra from CREA^ and hoppY. Meanwhile, HyP, APO and Jbzz were having duels and even fights at a numerical disadvantage, but were still winning. Even though the game was still close, Mandatory never lost the lead until the end of the game, thanks to excellent coordination.

Things were very different on Split. The Vitality players, decidedly upbeat, played extremely aggressively in defence. Kadavra and Vakk simply dominated both phases of the game. The shotgun excursions of Jbzz which took many opponents with it, were noteworthy.


Map 1: Fracture

Map 2: Split