Mandatory takes part in the RTBF iXPé Online Sessions 2023

Our Team Mandatory Valorant was invited to take part in the final phase of the RTBF iXPé Online Sessions 2023. Knowing that HyP will be at Dreamhack with ZeratoR SoOn, Goaster, TheBigFiz and AKUMAAAAA will be joined by CyvOph for this competition.

Key points concerning the RTBF iXPé Online Sessions 2023

  • Final stages of the Valorant tournament on 25 and 26 November,
  • Eight teams, including four qualifiers and four guests,
  • Mandatory participates and CyvOph replaces HyP,
  • Broadcast on Twitch,

As well as organising the CAP48heures charity marathon and offer regular streams, the RTBF iXPé team is behind a competition entitled RTBF iXPé Online Sessions. This year's tournament will feature two games: Rocket League and Valorant.

The final phase of the Valorant tournament includes eight teams in totalFour of them have secured their slots through the qualifiers, and four through invitations. Supporters, get ready to give your voice and support our players, Mandatory is one of the guest teams by the organisers!

This competition provides good training before the French Challengers resume. Please note, however, that our team will not be in full strength for its matches. Indeed, HyPour Captain, will be battling it out alongside ZeratoR, MoMaN, Flora and Gabi in a bid to win the tournament. Bring Your Own Computer Valorant at Dreamhack.

Of course it is, AKUMAAAAA, Goaster, SoOn and TheBigFiz will not be playing four-a-side. They will rely on CyvOph's expertisewho agreed to join them in this battle (Thanks to him!). Flexible, he plays both Duelists and Initiators. If you follow the French scene at all, you probably know his nickname. And for good reason, he has played for beGeniusbefore continuing his career at Valiant this year. More recently, he represented 3DMax at the Coupe de France 2023.

The playoffs use a classic format, with a double elimination bracket. The quarter-final and semi-final matches will be played in BO1, while the small and grand final matches will be played in BO5. The winners pocket 2,500 cashprize.

To follow the matches live, go to RTBF's Twitch channel iXPé, the 25 and 26 November coming soon.