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Mandatory outperforms beGenius - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 16

Today's match was particularly important for both teams. Mandatory was aiming for victory, with the aim of securing a place in the TOP 2 at the end of the regular season. As a reminder, the TOP 2 is directly qualified for the playoff semi-finals. The beGenius could have used another win to try to stay in the TOP6 and reach the playoffs. Despite all their efforts, the beGenius were not able to concretize this evening. On the other hand, our players achieved a great feat, winning 12 rounds in a row; a superb performance that ended with another victory. The semi-finals are slowly approaching!

Final score

MDR 13 - 7 BGN


Portrait of Fade SmallHyP8/13/3119
Portrait Sova SmallAPO14/11/4219
Portrait of Omen SmallhoppY10/10/6138
Portrait of Phoenix SmallAKUMAAAAA24/12/1310
Portrait of ChamberGoaster21/13/3305



Portrait of Killjoy SmallDarkLight11/15/6189
Portrait of Omen SmallBaWaN8/16/8121
Portrait of Kayo Smallthebigfiz21/15/6289
Portrait of Jett SmallLeare12/15/1172
Portrait Sova Smallhvoya7/16/4122

Summary of the match

The first part of the match was complicated for our team. After losing the pistol-round, then the second round, our players managed to put their first round. We had to wait until round 9 to see another success for Mandatory, which then went to 2-7. Despite all the efforts of Thebigfiz, who finished the Defence in 19/7/5, the beGenius were extinguished in this famous 9th round. This victory led to another, then a second and finally a third. Our players are slowly getting back on track. At the changeover, the score was 5-7, in favour of our opponents.

No one expected it, but this short winning streak would turn into a hellish rematch for the beGenius. Mandatory kept on winning rounds until they took the lead in the 15th round. The match then ended smoothly: with 5 more successful rounds, our players won. From 1-7 to 13-7, they were able to keep their heads and show the full extent of their talent.

Best moves

Goaster is here gentlemen!

The master of flames in action.

Goaster's quadra!


Next match, Monday 20th June 2022 at 6pm: Vitality vs Mandatory.