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Mandatory loses to MAD Lions in a crazy BO5 semi-final - VRL 2022 Split 2

It was a bit like the final before its time. The BO5 which pitted Mandatory at MAD Lions was the best our team has had so far. Despite circumstances that forced us to play with our coach as a substitute and even though we were playing against the best team of the tournament, the Mandatory players almost achieved the feat of qualifying for the final. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as the MAD Lions and especially XMS were able to win the rounds that were needed.

Final score

MDR 2 - 3 MAD

MDR 13 - 8 MAD

MDR 3 - 13 MAD

MDR 10 - 13 MAD

MDR 15 - 13 MAD

MDR 11 - 13 MAD


Portrait Sova Small Portrait of Breach Small Portrait of Kayo Small Portrait Skye SmallHyP70/81/40187
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Cypher Small Portrait of Chamber Portrait Sova Small Portrait of Breach SmallAPO84/79/19201
About Sage Small Portrait of Astra Small Portrait of Brimstone Portrait of Omen SmallCREA^57/77/42141
Portrait of Reyna Small Portrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA95/89/21252
Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Raze SmallGoaster68/89/15166

MAD Lions

Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Kayo Smallxms107/73/21258
Portrait of Raze Small Portrait Skye Small Portrait of Breach Small About Sage Smalldoma81/74/32219
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Omen SmallKRAY82/83/33207
About Sage Small Portrait of Raze Small Portrait of Chamberpolvi90/76/25247
Portrait Sova Small Portrait of Astra Small Portrait of Brimstone Portrait of Fade SmallBr0die55/68/50149

Summary of the match

Map 1 - Icebox

This semi-final started on Icebox, with Mandatory on defense and MAD Lions on attack. Our players managed to take the first four rounds thanks to some nice headshots from Goaster and CREA^. Thanks to their snipers, the Mandatory team quickly wins their Attack side by reaching a score of 7-1. From that moment on, the MAD Lions took the ascendancy on this first half of the map thanks to an impeccable teamwork, largely led by Doma. The score was then 7-5.

The change of side, on the other hand, did a lot of good for the Mandatory team. Even though the rounds were close, HyP and his teammates were able to take advantage of the economy and lock the game. Against the odds, Mandatory won the first map, selected by the best team of the tournament, while playing with a substitute, on a score of 13-8.

Map 2 - Split

Things didn't start well for Mandatory on Split. Our team lost the first 4 rounds, notably on an impressive Ace from Doma in the bonus round. Despite a few surges from Mandatory, MAD Lions won their Attack phase by a large margin, with a score of 9-3.

Once in defense, things were not much better. This time it was KRAY who took the lead for the MAD Lions. While XMS eliminated our players ball after ball, the other four players split into two groups and made exemplary decals. MAD won this second map with a score of 13-3.

Map 3 - Fracture

Once on Fracture, the game was much more balanced. If MAD Lions won the first two rounds, Mandatory won the next three. The extremely aggressive and advanced defense of the MDRs managed to surprise the MADs, who were obliged to remain cloistered in a corner or at the spawn. AKUMAAAAA on Neon in particular, resumes its frantic run around the outside edge to catch the opponents from behind. Mandatory now leads 7-5.

The change of side was not beneficial for the momentum of Mandatory, however. Doma's flashes on Breach worked wonders and allowed xms and KRAY to slow down their opponents' ardour. They then went on to win 6 rounds in a row. Some lack of success precipitates the fall of Mandatory on a score of 13-10.

Map 4 - Ascent

The fourth map went very badly for Mandatory. The energy was gone and MAD Lions were mostly set up like clockwork for their retakes. They regularly took a kill at the start of the rounds, forcing a numerical disadvantage on Mandatory before tightening the grip on the sites. They won the first 9 rounds. Fortunately, AKUMAAAAA and CREA^ give the team a boost and they win the last 3 rounds of their Attack phase.

Damn for damn, Mandatory literally shifts into high gear. AKUMAAAAA's Neon charges into the attackers' spawn without any respect, protected by HyP's flash and knife on KAY0 and regularly manages to eliminate several MAD Lions in one assault. Mandatory wins 8 rounds in a row. A run stopped by KRAY and his backdoor. From that point on, the teams went back and forth in ultra close rounds. So much so that the score reached 12-12 and it was necessary to play overtime.

In the first round of extra time, Mandatory loses two players from the start thanks to 2 excellent sniper polvi shots. But CREA^ turns the tables once again and secures the round for Mandatory. Unfortunately, MAD resets the next round despite some outstanding defense from APO.

Map 5 - Haven

The Mandatory team was all fired up for this fifth and last map. Even though MDR was on Defense, the players decided once again to invade the defenders' zones, especially AKUMAAAAA, still on Neon, who slid between his opponents and eliminated them without any respect. If the beginning of the game was tight, MDR gains a very clear advantage and leads until a score of 11-4.

And then it's all over. They played all evening in a relaxed way, but now the players are caught up in the game and can't finish. XMS is ruthless and makes multiple kills, as well as Polvi who is in better shape than ever in this BO. The Mandatory team can no longer keep the economic advantage, nor the numerical advantage by constantly cashing in the first blood. Finally, MAD Lions wins the game and qualifies for the VRL final, after the most beautiful BO of the competition.

Best moves

Goaster, the mad sniper

CREA^ makes us live a dream

Icebox won

On the other hand, you have to put the Spike down, eh?

AKUMAAAAA respects nothing.

Nothing, really.

But really, really nothing, eh.

A life defuse