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Mandatory finishes second in Split 1 of the France 2023 Challengers

After several weeks of competition, Mandatory has secured its place in the playoffs of the first Challengers France Split. Directly qualified for the semi-finals, Hyp, Akumaaaaa, Goaster, kAdavra and TheBigFiz stood up to Zerance to reach the final. In this final match, our players faced the Supra Beaux Gosses, formidable opponents.

Throughout the evening, the ten players vying for the title of French Champions gave their all to win it. If some games seemed to be played in advance, it was not the case. With each new round, the tension was more palpable than in the previous one.

After a game full of twists and turns, headshots and various explosions, SBG won. Mandatory, which did even better than in the previous Split, thus obtained second place. An excellent performance all in all. The next segment will be ours!

Mandatory 1 - 3 Supra Beaux Gosses

MAP: Split
MDR 8 - 13 SBG
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

MAP: Lotus
MDR 13
- 11 SBG
(Chosen by : Supra Beaux Gosses)

MAP: Fracture
MDR 11 - 13 SBG
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

MAP : Icebox
MDR 2 - 13 SBG
(Chosen by : Supra Beaux Gosses)

MAP: Haven


About Sage SmallPortrait of Breach SmallPortrait Harbor SmallHyP47/56/35170
Portrait of Jett SmallAKUMAAAAA61/699202
Portrait of Raze SmallPortrait of Fade SmallPortrait Sova SmallGoaster60/64/22204
Portrait of Omen SmallPortrait of BrimstonePortrait of Killjoy SmallTheBigFiz46/63/35165
Portrait of Cypher SmallPortrait of Killjoy SmallPortrait Viper SmallkAdavra54/60/15183

Supra Beaux Gosses

Portrait of Jett SmallPortrait of Raze SmallTakaS73/59/22261
Portrait Viper SmallPortrait of Killjoy SmalllogaN85/40/10261
Portrait of Astra SmallPortrait of Omen SmallPortrait of BrimstonePortrait Viper SmallWailers47/57/44185
Portrait Skye SmallPortrait Sova SmallPortrait of Fade SmallbeyAz59/48/25182
Portrait of Raze SmallPortrait of Breach SmallAbout Sage SmallnataNk48/64/33165

Summary of the final Mandatory vs Supra Beaux Gosses

This Final brought together the two best teams of the regular season for a final confrontation. To decide between them and win the title of French Champions, the ten players first played on Split. Efficient and decisive when needed, SBG controlled the beginning of the game until they were leading 6-0. At this point, our opponents decided to take a break, which did us a lot of good. Mandatory came back into the game and were only 2 rounds behind at the changeover. Despite a good Momentum, the second half was complicated. Our opponents were playing perfectly well, both in terms of preventing us from getting back to the site and during the retakes. Logan even managed to get in a super ace, well tucked into his ultimate Viper. The big brain of Hyp and the moves of Goaster were not enough. SBG finally won 13-8 on this first map.

This top-down confrontation continued on Lotus. Already very comfortable on the map during the semi-final, TheBigFiz was again accurate and crucial on several occasions this evening. Mandatory defended very well in the early stages, putting in some excellent rounds, before being slowly caught up in the score. At the end of this period, our players were leading 7-5 and were able to maintain their lead for a while, winning the next two rounds. However, TaKaS and his allies kept the pressure on in this Final. After 20 rounds, the two teams were perfectly even. The end of the game was particularly difficult, but after almost an hour of play and a final score of 13-11, Mandatory got its first point in this match. In doing so, our players set the record straight. Everything was still possible.

After a first round loss on Fracture, our players chose to force-buy, a decision that paid off. The rounds went on and the two teams exchanged victories with well placed headshots. At the end of the twelfth round, SBG was leading 7-5. Once they were on the attack, the Supra Beaux Gosses widened the gap a little more. Their precision paid off and they ended up leading 12-6. Imminent victory seemed inevitable, and yet! Mandatory showed their mental strength to come back in the game. Akumaaaaa, formidable, gave us a few more points, but it wasn't enough. Nevertheless, from a possible 13-6 defeat, we went to a very tight end of the game, 13 to 11.

It all came down to Icebox. The SBG defensive wall was more than solid. Goaster and his comrades found it difficult to advance on site. However, Mandatory efforts were rewarded twice. After the change, Logan and his mates were quick to score the few missing points and won 13-2. By winning this fourth map, SBG won the first Split of the Challengers France 2023.

Despite the defeat, Mandatory did not lose out, far from it. Even better, our team got the second place, a first in the history of the club. This encouraging result shows that our team is only getting better; the Split 2 is ours!

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

Incredible move by Goaster

Good work by our Captain!

TheBigFiz who clutches with ease