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Mandatory's draw against Valar Morghulis – VRL France Match 3

New day of VRL France and new match for the Team Mandatory ! This time, we played against Valar Morghulis. They are the only team of the VRL France that doesn't have an organisation, but we shouldn't underestimate them! At the end of this always crazy and eventful BO2, it is finally a new draw for both teams.

Final score

Valar Morghulis9 Bind 13
15 Ascent 13

The first map started with the first Pistol Round won by Mandatory in the competition (hooray!). Our team was on the attack and managed to plant the Spike in almost every round, although they didn't manage to score. Nevertheless, they took the lead most of the time, especially thanks to APO who seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and made more than one difficult kill. Even though Killu and LowaN did not lose out, their efforts were not enough to turn the tide.

Mandatory then found themselves playing on Ascent once again, and the Defense was extremely complicated. HyP and his players tend to defend very aggressively, which played into their hands more than once. At side change, we had a score of 3-9. Fortunately, our team is much more comfortable in Attack and makes another comeback, partly thanks to a great CREA^ ! The game went into over time, but Mandatory's defensive weaknesses proved fatal. Valar Morghulis won the second map and secured the draw on this BO2.


Map 1 - Ascent

Map 2 - Haven

Best moves

hoppY's brochette

It looked bad, but hoppY turns the situation around and gives us a great brochette of VSM players!

My Captain!

HyP is as imperial as ever on his KAY/O and happily uses his abilities to eliminate his enemies.

Jbzz cleans corridors

It's almost becoming a habit, but Jbzz almost gave us another Ace in this game!

The Clutch Ace from CREA^

The climax of our fantastic climb on the second part of the map: it's CREA^ who Aced in full clutch.

Our next match is tomorrow, 1st March 2022 at 7pm ! The Team Mandatory will face Vitality.