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Mandatory defeats Emojipouce in the semi-final - Valorant French Cup

After their victory during the Lyon Esport, Mandatory was back in the French Cup for an important match. On this new night of competition, our players faced the Emojipouce in the semi-finals. The winning team would go on to Occitanie Esport, to compete in the final of the Superior Bracket and why not the Grand Final. At the end of an electric, intense and incredible battle, our players won two maps to one.

Final score

MDR 2 - 1 Emojipouce

MDR 13
- 9 EMJ

MDR 2 - 13 EMJ

MDR 13 - 10 EMJ


Portrait Skye Small Portrait of Kayo Small Portrait of Breach SmallHyP36/45/13167
Portrait of Raze Small Portrait of Neon Small Portrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA52/48/15267
 Portrait of ChamberGoaster49/45/5208
Portrait of Fade Small TheBigFiz32/45/13149
Portrait of Astra Small Portrait of Brimstone Portrait of Omen SmallBabax43/39/22211


Portrait of Fade SmallMarctylinho31/47/20152
Portrait of Astra Small Portrait of Brimstone Portrait of Astra Smallbramz49/38/20241
Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Neon Small Portrait of Jett SmallkAdavra67/39/9303
Portrait of Kayo Small Portrait of Breach Small Portrait of Breach SmallrodeN34/46/31173
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Killjoy SmalllogaN37/42/9184

Summary of the match

Map 1 - Pearl
MDR 13 - 9 EMJ

This semi-final started on Pearl, the map chosen by Emojipouce. Leaving the pistol-rounds to our opponents to win the map has become a habit, so Emojipouce emerged victorious from their first round of Defence. They then took a slight lead, 2-4, but only for a while. The very good executions of Mandatory gave them a hard time. Round after round, AKUMAAAA and Goaster caused sparks to fly to take back some points. During the end of the half, both teams trade wins, so that it is a perfect tie at side change.

Again, our opponents take the pistol-round. Nevertheless, the defence of Mandatory is good. At the end of round 16, the counters read 8-8. In the eighteenth round, Goaster tries a crazy action by holding on to the enemy Viper's poison. Thanks to this daring move, he surprises the whole of the opposing team and makes a series of kills. The end of the game is very well controlled by our players, who end up winning 13-9.

Map 2 - Fracture
MDR 2 - 13 EMJ

The confrontation continued on Fracture. Unfortunately for our players, this choice did not bear fruit. Extremely fast and precise, kAdavra flies over the game with his Neon. He ends the map with a KDA of 26/6/3 and an incredible 431 from ACS. Emojipouce quickly took the lead and won a deserved victory. Mandatory lost 2 to 13.

Map 3 - Haven
MDR 13 - 10 EMJ

Despite a heavy defeat on Fracture, our players did not lose heart at all, on the contrary. As usual, we lost the pistol-round, but very quickly, we took the lead thanks to a masterful Babax on Omen. Even under pressure during some rounds, Mandatory held its ground and was always decisive. At the changeover, Emojipouce were leading 9-3. The second pistol-round was almost won, but it ended in a draw. "IN OUR FACES!", as ZeratoR pointed out. After that, Babax was again exemplary and gave our team two more points. At this point, Mandatory leads 11-4. Victory seemed close, but the defence on Haven remains very complicated. Our opponents were bold and precise. So, at the end of the twenty-second round, the scores are close: 10-11 in our favour. Akumaaaaa saves the next round in extremis and thus offers another point to Mandatory. The map finally ends in the next round, with the score of 13 to 10.

Best moves

Great performance by Goatser and TheBigFiz!

AKUMAAAAA's superb fake

AKUMAAAAA in all relaxation

Triple elimination of Babax!


Map 1 - Pearl

Map 2 - Fracture

Map 3 - Haven

The next match is the Final of the upper bracket, which will be played in physics Saturday 10 December at Occitanie Esports. We will face the players from Bonk for a place in the Grand Final!