Our Valorant team

Mandatory beats Bonk and qualifies for the Grand Final of the Valorant French Cup

No more laughing! After a long month of competition interrupted by a victory at Lyon Esport, it was finally time for Mandatory to compete in the winner's final of the French Cup 2022. Their opponents were none other than Bonk, a team of Valorant veterans determined to fight. Despite a few scares, which are now usual, and which obviously have the sole purpose of getting our adrenaline flowing, Mandatory wins 2-0 after two contested maps. Let's go to the Grand Final of the French Cup 2022!

Final score

MDR 2 - 0 Bonk

MDR 14
- 12 BONK

MDR 13 - 10 BONK



Portrait of Breach Small About Sage SmallHyP29/32/18171
Portrait of Neon Small Portrait of Reyna SmallAKUMAAAAA45/34/11279
Portrait of ChamberGoaster35/32/2204
Portrait of Fade SmallTheBigFiz29/34/17184
Portrait of Astra SmallBabax41/36/12240


Portrait of Fade Small Portrait Sova SmallBonkar29/36/13176
Portrait of Omen SmallDestructive38/35/18209
Portrait of Raze Small About Sage SmallJuseu31/36/14186
Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Jett SmallKeiko37/40/10219
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Kayo SmallKicks33/32/21204

Summary of the match

Map 1 - Fracture
BNK 12 - 14 MDR

The final of this winner's bracket started on Fracture picked by Mandatory, a map notoriously mastered by Bonk. As usual, our hammer players gave their defending opponents the advantage on pistol-rounds, going as far as being 6-0 down. Some very good moves fromAKUMAAAAA and TheBigFiz , allowing the team to get some points in this Attack phase, ending in a score of 8-4 in favour of Bonk.

Mandatory started the defence phase with a delay but already started to show some good things. This is confirmed by the first pistol-round that our players win; but the next 2 rounds are in Bonk's pocket. The explosive rounds follow one another, and the opponents are often close to victory. The Mandatory players don't give up however, and after being led 12-8, they play some nervous rounds. TheBigFiz and AKUMAAAAA end the match with 1 ace each to their own table, followed closely by Babax who gave us a superb quadra.

After an intense match that ended in overtime, our players won this first map with a score of 14-12.

Map 2 - Ascent
MDR 13 - 10 BNK

You don't change a winning team-even in pain, our Mandatory players are once again down 6-0 on Ascent, map picked by Bonk. A first surge comes from the 9th and 10th rounds thanks to TheBigFiz and Babax, the first two points of this map are scored. This defense side for Mandatory will end on a score of 7 to 5, due to 3 consecutive rounds won by our players at the end of the side.

At the change of sides, this time, the first 2 pistol rounds and the bonus are won by Mandatory, which presages a fruitful economy for our players. After 8 consecutive rounds won, our opponents get back on track and following a magnificent 1v3 triple then defuse of Kicks, Bonk scores his first and then their 2nd round of defence. This was followed by explosive rounds which saw, amongst others, our AKUMAAAAA favourite to score a triple. The last round ended with a magnificent clutch from our captain HyP, who propels our players directly into Valorant French Cup Grand Final with this round ending with a score of 13-10.

Best moves

The Babax collat!

Surprise! by TheBigFiz

A smoke? Where?

Heading to the Grand Final for Mandatory!