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Mandatory eliminates BDS in the quarter and qualifies for the semi-finals - VRL 2022 Split 2

The Mandatory opened the playoffs against BDS in the quarter-finals of the VRL France Split 2. This time, there was no choice: it was eliminating or being eliminated. During the regular season, Mandatory won both its games against Team BDS.

A trend that was confirmed, but not without some big scares. Mandatory won the quarter-final after 2 overtimes and qualified for the semi-final against MAD Lions.

Final score

MDR 2 - 0 BDS

MDR 14 - 12 BDS

MDR 14 - 12 BDS

Not played


Portrait Sova Small Portrait of BrimstoneHyP35/29/20190
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of ChamberAPO28/31/10152
Portrait of Breach Small Portrait of BrimstonehoppY44/36/20250
Portrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA39/38/15228
Portrait of ChamberPortrait of Raze SmallGoaster36/38/4194

Team BDS

Portrait of ChamberkAdavra60/33/5339
Portrait of Killjoy Small Portrait of Raze Smalljuseu36/38/10196
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Chamberbramz28/35/15166
About Sage SmalllogaN28/36/10140
Portrait Sova Small Portrait of Breach SmallrodeN19/39/20114

Summary of the match

Map 1 - Icebox

The first round took place on Icebox and was not easy for our Mandatory players. Both not necessarily at ease on the map and playing with bad luck on many timings, the team was behind in the score during its Defense phase. Kadavra and Bramz the different positions extremely well and only the hoppY managed to really shine, but not enough. The first side ended with a 9-3 for Team BDS.

However, Mandatory has picked up the pace in the Attack. Despite some excellent defence from BDS, notably from Bramz and rodeNOur players gradually regained the lead with some extremely daring attacks whileAKUMAAAAA was going for the Spike with Neon. A disconnection from our Captain almost precipitated our downfall at a time when Mandatory could have locked up the score, but the team at least managed to secure the extra time.

After two more extremely tense rounds, Mandatory finally managed to win the map, proving all those who believe in the 9-3 curse right.

Map 2 - Fracture

The second map started much better for Mandatory. This time in Attack, our players managed to win the first 3 rounds with almost a flawless second round and an audacious triple from HyP to the third. AKUMAAAAA was extremely comfortable on Neon, going around the map several times to mow down his opponents by surprise. However, the BDS were far from defeated. Led by kAdavra, the team managed to come back and equalise. The first side ended with a score of 6-6.

At the side change, the two teams were evenly matched and went round for round. Tense situations ensued and it was impossible to know who would win the round as long as at least two players were still alive. Once again, kAdavra makes the difference for his team and gives them a reprieve while Mandatory needed only one more round to win the game. They in turn forced extra time.

But history repeats itself! Mandatory wins both rounds of the overtime. The first with a Flawless, the second with a terrible duel won by AKUMAAAAA who qualifies his team for the semi-finals on his birthday.

Best moves

hoppY's quadra in Attack

A desperate defense

A tense 2v2


HyP and his Ghost

APO's clutch

Qualified for the semi-finals!


Next match, Friday 1st July at 6pm : Mandatory vs MAD Lions.