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Mandatory defeats Joblife - Split 1 of the France 2024 Challengers

This evening, Mandatory was playing a very important match in this Split 1 of the Challengers France 2024. We faced Joblifewhich is none other than the best team in the League. Thanks to a great team effort, but also to the efficiency of AKUMAAAAA on Phoenix, Mandatory wins. Not content with winning this game, our team did it with panache, since it did not concede any mapa first for Split!

Game scores

Mandatory - Joblife
2 - 0

Map 1 - LOTUS
MDR 13 - 9 JL

Map 2 - Ascent
MDR 13 - 11 JL

Map 3 - Icebox
not played


Portrait of Omen SmallPortrait of Omen SmallHyP29/27/22175
Portrait of Phoenix SmallPortrait of Phoenix SmallAKUMAAAAA44/30/17276
Portrait of Raze SmallPortrait of Jett SmallGoaster37/32/4225
Portrait of Fade SmallPortrait Sova SmallTheBigFiz25/24/7139
Portrait of Cypher SmallPortrait of Cypher SmallSoOn30/28/6171
Mandatory defeats Joblife - Split 1 of Challengers France 2024 - mandatory valorant agents none small icon -Mandatory defeats Joblife - Split 1 of Challengers France 2024 - mandatory valorant agents none small icon -CyvOph--



Portrait of Omen SmallPortrait of Omen SmallMAGiK38/33/12225
Portrait of Raze SmallPortrait of Jett Smalljas28/33/5166
Portrait Sova SmallPortrait Sova SmallRobbieBk23/32/9153
Mandatory defeats Joblife - Split 1 des Challengers France 2024 - mandatory valorant database agents portrait gekko mini 1 -Portrait of Kayo Smallkamyk31/32/10195
Portrait of Killjoy SmallPortrait of Killjoy Smallmikee21/35/9161


Match summary Mandatory vs Joblife (Split 1 - VCL France 2024)

Map 1: Lotus - Mandatory puts on a great show

The first map of the match, Lotus, kicked off with a hat-trick from Goaster. Joblife responded with an effective save. Mandatory then chose to play the retakesrather than tempting the devil on site. Goaster made a string of major kills with his Operator in rounds 7 and 8, and SoOn goes ninja to defuse the Spike in the following round. This gave Mandatory an early lead. Nevertheless, JL managed to limit the damage by scoring three more points before the changeover and is perfect equality.

During the second pistole-round, AKUMAAAAA makes an important double, which offers a nice numerical advantage. In the meantime, SoOn takes space on A and allows the Spike to land, before making three little kills in turn. A good start to the attack! A few rounds later, with the score at 8-8, HyP shows once again that he has a big brain. Thanks to controlled smoke setup and daring teleportationHe managed to deny the Spike's defusing.

In the nineteenth inning, our players went home "a zany eco thanks to Goaster's great entry and AKUMAAAAA's monster work. At this stage, Mandatory is in the lead. The elimination of mikee on site A two rounds later offered a colossal space to rush into enemy territory and plant the Spike. Joblife decided to save three weapons, but AKUMAAAAA was determined to annihilate them. Mikee then relied on his Guardian to hold his position, but to no avail. Mandatory was the winner. 13-9.

Map 2 : Ascent - Mandatory wins the match

The match continued on Ascent, a card selected by Joblife. Unlike the previous game, neither team gained an advantage over the other in the first half. Thanks to a number of fine executions - not least of which were to the AKUMAAAAA/Goaster duo but also to the work of TheBigFiz in round 11 - our players score points, but the JLs don't let them down. Changeover, is perfect equality.

Not content with winning the last three pistol-rounders, Mandatory earned himself an extra point by winning the fourth gun-round of the match. Our players went on to extend their lead, so much so that JL decided to take a break. Despite this little time-out, Mandatory stayed in the game and kept up the momentum. Little by little victory takes shape, but a Joblife flawless at the right moment breaks the momentum.

The effectiveness of HyP and AKUMAAAAA in round 22 brought us one step closer to success. Nevertheless, kamyk destroys everything in his path in the next round. Goaster's little hat-trick at the start of the round allowed us to enter the site, with Joblife's survivors trying their best. After a few doubts, Mandatory finally found the saving kill, and the map ended with a score of 13 to 11.

It's done! Mandatory won this match against the best team in the league.

Map 3 : Icebox - not played

VOD of the match

Map 1 - Lotus

Map 2 - Ascent

There's still one match left in the Split 1 regular season: next week, on Saturday 8 March at 6pm, we take on Monaco Esports for a place in the play-offs. The match will be broadcast live on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.