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Mandatory crushes Wylde - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 12

They were victorious in their first meeting against Wylde, the players of Mandatory were determined to repeat their performance. This time, however, they did even better as they managed to win the game with a score of 13-1! They left no chance to their opponents and folded the match in less time than it takes to say wow.

Final score

MDR 13 - 1 Wylde


Portrait Skye SmallHyP11/6/7242
Portrait of Breach SmallAPO8/5/9150
Portrait of Omen SmallhoppY10/4/11144
Portrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA20/7/3363
Portrait of ChamberGoaster19/5/1356



Portrait of Astra SmallJakexd6/13/2149
Portrait of Breach Smallarch3/14/471
Portrait of Neon SmallKeiko3/14/180
Portrait of Fade SmallDawn9/13/3203
Portrait of ChamberRieNs6/14/1159

Summary of the match

The game started with Wylde in attack. The in-form Mandatory players quickly took the first round with a great hat-trick from AKUMAAAAA. If their opponents managed to secure round 3, that was as far as it went. Despite some good attempts from them, our players were totally unleashed and went on a string of good actions and multikills. A superb quadra from hoppY was particularly noteworthy. When the changeover came, Mandatory was leading 11-1.

For this second phase of the game, our players gave Wylde absolutely no chance to come back. They won the pistol round straight away, then followed up with a superb flawless shot that closed the game on a score of 13-1.

Mandatory had a very good collective performance, but also some very good individual actions. Few mistakes were made and they managed to win most of their duels.

Best moves

AKUMAAAAA triple on the pistol round

This is legendary!

hoppY the legend

Bim, bam, boom, the ending flawless


Next match, Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 8pm: Sector One vs Mandatory.