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Mandatory beats Monaco Esports - Split 1 of Challengers France 2024

The Challengers France Split 1 regular season is drawing to a close. This evening, Mandatory disputed his very last match facing Monaco EsportsThis was an important match, as it weighed in the balance of qualification for the play-offs. Against a team already destined for relegation and therefore uninhibited, HyP, Goaster, AKUMAAAAA, SoOn, TheBigFiz and Cyv0ph encountered a few problems during the game. Despite this, the team with the hammer still won two maps to one. We're now through to the play-offs!

Game scores

Mandatory 2 - 1 Monaco Esports

Map 1 - Lotus (Pick MDR)
MDR 13 - 9 MNC

Map 2 - Bind (Pick MNC)
MDR 9 - 13 MNC

Map 3 - Split
MDR 13 - 6 MNC


Portrait of Omen SmallPortrait Viper SmallPortrait Viper SmallHyP39/42/18182
Portrait of Phoenix SmallPortrait of BrimstonePortrait of Omen SmallAKUMAAAAA52/44/18226
Portrait of Raze SmallPortrait of Raze SmallGoaster65/42/9284
Portrait of Fade SmallPortrait of Fade SmallTheBigFiz39/42/18182
Portrait of Cypher SmallMandatory beats Monaco Esports - Split 1 of Challengers France 2024 - mandatory valorant agents none small icon -Portrait of Raze SmallSoOn23/19/8154
Mandatory beats Monaco Esports - Split 1 of Challengers France 2024 - mandatory valorant agents none small icon -Mandatory beats Monaco Esports - Split 1 des Challengers France 2024 - mandatory valorant database agents portrait gekko mini 1 -Mandatory beats Monaco Esports - Split 1 of Challengers France 2024 - mandatory valorant agents none small icon -CyvOph13/17/9170


Monaco Esports

Portrait Skye SmallPortrait Skye SmallPortrait Skye SmallMarin43/46/12176
Portrait of Omen SmallPortrait Viper SmallPortrait of Omen SmallsabAAA29/43/19135
Portrait of Killjoy SmallPortrait of BrimstonePortrait of Astra SmallTheNightChe42/42/12185
Portrait of Raze SmallPortrait Yoru smallPortrait of Jett SmallApyr41/50/8186
Portrait of Jett SmallPortrait of Raze SmallPortrait of Raze SmallVuexLex51/50/8232


Match summary Mandatory vs Monaco Esports (Split 1 - VCL France 2024)

Map 1 - Lotus - Mandatory in defence!

Destined for relegation, the Monaco Esports players had nothing to lose by playing aggressively in this match, and it showed in the first half on Lotus. After a series of wins and losses, Monaco took the lead thanks to the hard work of VuexLex with his Jett. In the last round, HyP limits the damage with a CDFA crazy clutch! At the changeover, Monaco led by just two points.

In attack, Monaco Esports showed a totally different face. Even though they managed to score on several occasions, our opponents lacked the coordination to hold the post-plant. It has to be said that our retakes were methodical and of high quality. Mandatory back-to-back winsIn particular thanks to the duo AKUMAAAAA and Goaster who hit the nail on the head time and time again! It wasn't until the twentieth end that the Monacos managed to score another point. An excellent final from TheBigFiz in the next end almost put an end to the game, but it was not to be. TheNightChe scores two major kills which means we have to play one more round. This time it's the right one, SoOn closes this card with a triple shot at the Classic. Mandatory now leads 1-0!

Map 2 - Bind - Monaco Esports holds firm

The match continued on Bind, a card that neither team had yet played during the Split. So anything was possible! At the start of the first half, the 4K from Goaster to Outlaw then the clutch from HyP gives us a slight lead, but only for a while. Monaco Esports were much better coordinated during this attacking phase than on the previous map, so at the changeover it was a perfect tie. In defence, our opponents' compo paid off, and our players struggled to win rounds. Apyr and his mates held firm and finally won this second map. At this stage, the counters show one everywhere!

Map 3 - Split - Confirmation from Mandatory

The evening concluded with Split. Determined to win, the Mandatorys took a lead but were eventually caught. Despite this, HyP and his mates won the defence and led by two points at the changeover.

The second half was very different. Mandatory crushes Monaco Esports to snatch victory. AKUMAAAAA was particularly effective with its Omen, which was given a superb 4K in round 19. All to our delight, he even dared to cut an opponent in the middle of an official match!

It's done, that's for sure, Mandatory has qualified for the playoffs!

VOD of the match

Map 1 - Lotus

Map 2 - Bind

Map 3 - Ascent

The playoffs begin March 30th next, after the end of the Madrid Masters. Mandatory matches will of course be broadcast on the ZeratoR chain.