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Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary

The whole weekend, the Mandatory team is located at the Lyon Esport ! This is the first Valorant LAN in France and the first competition on site and with an audience for the team's players. Since all the matches are not broadcasted and that not everyone can go there, we propose you a small diary of Mandatory's adventures at the Lyon Esport.

At the end of this weekend rich in meetings and esports, Mandatory ended up winning the Lyon Esport ! This is the first title for this young team that has risen to the top in just one year.

Lyon Esport - Day 1

The players settle in

The players are ready, all sitting on their best chairs, eager to play their very first LAN on Valorant! It's going to be an eventful weekend.

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport armchair -

12:00 - First match, first win!

Team Mandatory started the tournament against Team Oue. The match was short lived, as HyP and his colleagues simply won the match with a score of 13-0. This was only the first step, but there are more tough opponents ahead.

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport match 01 -

The Mandatory fans were there

Many of you came to support the Mandatory team, and you didn't come empty-handed! We don't have enough hammers for our taste, but thanks for your support!

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport fans -

3pm - Victory against MES Esport

A second match won for Mandatory, this time against MES Esport on Bind. The Mandatory players took a little while to get going, but once they had control of the game, there was no stopping them.

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Journal de bord - mandatory team lyon esport match 02 -

Wouldn't that be espionage?

The captain of a rival team, who is also trying to impersonate us, is quietly watching our games? But what is security doing?!

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Journal de bord - mandatory team lyon esport cheat sheet -

5pm - Mandatory vs Exalty

The serious stuff started with this third match! Mandatory and Exalty went head to head for three quarters of the match. The excellent individuality of Mandatory kept them in the game until they clearly regained the advantage in Defence. The match ended with a win for Mandatory, 13-8. We can thank Babax and his numerous clutchs!

7pm - Mandatory vs beGenius

It's already the quarter finals for Mandatory who continue their journey in the winner bracelet! This time they met a long time opponent in the presence of beGenius. A match that ended in a new victory for our team, 13-6.

We don't have the same jersey...

... but we have the same passion!

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport kcorp -

9pm - Mandatory vs Zerance

Last game of the day, the Mandatory team faced the Zerance team. They too are participating in the Valorant French Cup, but they are mostly the former Babax team! Once again, Mandatory wins, this time with a score of 13-5 and concludes this first day in beauty by qualifying for the Winner final.

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport day 1 -

Day 2

11am - Mandatory on the big stage!

For the winner final, Mandatory will face GMT Esport on the big stage of Lyon Esport! A BO3 to reach the grand final.

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport scene -

12pm - Mandatory wins the first map against GMT Esports

The winner's final started on Ascent with Mandatory on Attack. The match was particularly close, even to the advantage of GMT Esports at the beginning of the match who regularly managed to catch AKUMAAAAA and Goaster off guard. It was Fiz and Babax who proudly held the last bastions, keeping the team afloat.

The game was reversed at the change of side, however, with Mandatory slowly but surely taking the lead, this time thanks to excellent collective work. The game ends with an Ace from AKUMAAAAA, first to frags on this first map.

The Mandatory audience is pretty hot in the stands!

Many people came to support Mandatory directly in the stands! They sing, they shout, they applaud, they are moved and they live the match like never before. Thank you, little mallets!

1pm - Mandatory qualifies for the grand final of the Lyon Esport

The second round of the winner's final took place on Haven, a map chosen by GMT Esports that started in Attack. However, the team seemed less solid than they were on Ascent. The Mandatory players were able to set the pace both on defence and attack, thanks in particular to an imperious Goaster. The MDR team thus qualifies for the Grand Final of the Lyon Esport with a 2 maps to 0 victory. The Grand Final will take place tonight, the time to decide between GMT Esports and CGN Esports.

Signing session before the Grand Final

This is the third meeting between Mandatory players and fans, but the first outside of a #HammerTime. It was great to meet the community. Thanks for your support!

Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport fans dedicace 01 -
Mandatory at the Lyon Esport : Diary - mandatory team lyon esport fans dedicace 02 -

9pm - Start of the Grand Final against CGN Esports

It's the Grand Final of the Lyon Esport! Mandatory faces CGN Esports who came out of the loser bracket by beating Karmine Corp and GMT Esports. The match started on Icebox, with Mandatory on Defense. This was the closest map of the day. On the CGN Esports side, OniBy, Soon and especially Stark were giving Mandatory hell, but all the Mandatory players were putting on a show. Despite some very scary clutchs and eco rounds won by CGN, Mandatory managed to push the game to overtime.

CGN lost the first round of the overtime, but they managed to regain the lead and confirm. They won the first map of this grand final with a score of 15-13.

22:00 - Second round in the MDR vs CGN match

Mandatory had to get their act together. The second round on Bind started as badly as the previous match, with Mandatory conceding the first four rounds. The fifth round was the turning point, with a now flawless Goaster regularly taking one or two kills at the start of each round. A couple of unexpected wins from HyP and TheBigFiz gave the match a definite edge.

Once in Attack, CGN found it even harder to make a difference, despite further exploits by OniBy and Soon. With only one round left for Mandatory to play, CGN took control of the game for a while, but ended up conceding the second map. Mandatory equalized the score in this BO3 with a score of 13-9.

11pm - Final map of the Lyon Esports

After two intensive days of play, it was the very last game of this Lyon Esport and in this BO against CGN Esports. Once again, the game started very badly and Mandatory struggled to keep up with the score in the first side.

It was once in Attack that Mandatory was able to play its part. AKUMAAAAA and Goaster made daring moves, but paid off, while Babax, HyP and TheBigFiz held their lines and won their duels. The rounds were close, but mostly in favour of Mandatory.

As MDR finally equalized, Benny did a crazy round for CGN in eco, putting his team back in the lead and with a significant economic and ultimatum advantage. The two teams then started to trade rounds again until the extra time.

The tension is at its peak, but the Mandatory players are more patient than CGN Esports. The latter try to push a bit too much in the red lines and are punished by Goaster immediately. All that's left to do is conclude, and it's Babax who gives Mandatory the win in the very last round.

Mandatory wins the Lyon Esport

Mandatory wins the Lyon Esport after a flawless weekend! Thank you to everyone who came to support our team in its first LAN!