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Despite a bad week, Mandatory qualifies for the Split 2 playoffs

Last night's meetings marked the end of the the sixth week of the Split 2 of the VCL France 2023. With only one win in four games, it was a particularly complicated and challenging one for Mandatory. Despite these results, and due to their very good performance during the season, our players have secured their place for the playoffs !

Mandatory vs Valiant (Bind - Loss: 13 - 2)

Mandatory loses to Valiant - Second leg - Split 2 - VCL France 2023
Image from VLR.GG

As they were leaving of a crazy perfect-weekThe new weekend started off badly for Akumaaaaa and her comrades. On Saturday, they faced Valiant. If casters' predictions The match turned out to be a complicated one. Our opponents of the evening were monstrous in their efficiency and, despite attempts, our players were unable to defend the Bind. At the changeover, the Valiants led 10-2, and soon won 13 - 2.

Mandatory vs Zerance (Pearl - Loss: 13 - 6)

Mandatory lost to Zerance - Second leg - Split 2 - VCL France 2023
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During the second day of this superweek, Mandatory faced Zerance. Today is another dayas they say. Goaster, HyP, Akumaaaaa, kAdavra and TheBigFiz joined the narrow corridors of Pearl with the aim of winning. Unfortunately, our new opponents decided otherwise...

From the beginning of the game, Babax set the tone and Zerance quickly took the lead, so much so that our players were only rewarded in round 5, thanks to a hat-trick from TheBigFiz. If this victory has brought a second one - we welcome Akumaaaaa's superb ace - Zerance conceded only one more round in the first half. This gave them a comfortable lead to go to defence and they took advantage of it.

After the changeover Mandatory reduced the gap in the score a little, coming back to 6 - 9. However, Vequaj and lux9 were absolutely unwilling to let us take any more points. The evening ended with a 13 - 6.

Mandatory vs Akroma (Split - Victory 14 - 12)

Mandatory win against Akroma - Second leg - Split 2 - VCL France 2023
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At of the first legTheBigFiz and his colleagues faced the Akroma players on Split, a match that ended in defeat for our opponents. It was full of hope of revenge and determination that they embarked on this match, also played on Split.

The first match was not easy to win, but this second match was even more difficult to win. Our players won the Attack, before conceding the Defence. Inevitably, all ten players then went into extra time: it took no less than twenty-six rounds to decide the winner.

Team captain, HyP He often demonstrates his skills through the quick and intelligent decisions he makes, even under pressure. In this game, his impact was even greater. He was decisive throughout the game, both as an in-game leader and as an individual player. The proof in video with this magnificent ace!

And as if he hadn't already been efficient enough, HyP made another massacre in the 26th round to end the game. Our Captain thus has a very good average combat score (ACS) of 300 and an excellent rating of 1.56. Moreover, he finished with 29 eliminations and 11 assists to his name, with only 15 deaths. It is therefore not surprising that you chose to elect him MVP at the time of the vote (not influenced at all) offered by Flunch.

Due to the results of the other matches and a well-deserved victory, Mandatory has secured its place in the playoffs at the end of the evening. HypHypHyp Hooray!

Mandatory vs Solary (MAP - Loss: 13 - 9)

Mandatory lost to Solary - Second leg - Split 2 - VCL France 2023
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With a second win, this week could have been a grey week, but it is indeed a black week for Mandatory. On Split, Solary is unbeatable in defence and imposes its rhythm. The few good actions of TheBigFiz and Akumaaaaa allow us to save the furniture and still win three rounds before the changeover.

If the delay could have destabilised some, our players held on and came back into the game, even forcing Solary to call a timeout. The rounds went on and so did the victories. At the end of the twentieth round, the score is finally very close The counters show 11 - 9 in favour of our opponents. Unfortunately, due to a few mistakes on our part, Solary took the upper hand in the next set when they were in the middle of the game. Once again armed to the teeth, she ended up winning 13 to 9.

Even if the fate of the ten teams is sealed as far as the playoffs are concerned, all the teams still have to play a match. It is very important for those who qualify, as it will determine their seed. Mandatory will face Gentle Mates to secure its place in the semi-finals and try to knock off its eternal rival! To follow the match, we invite you to Monday 22 May at 7pm, on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.