Our Valorant team

Mandatory players answer your questions!

As part of our Advent CalendarWe asked you to ask questions to the players of the Mandatory team. We have selected about ten and submitted them to our players.

Their pre-match routine, their Ultimate Agent according to them, or their opinion on the future jersey of Mandatory in 2023; they tell us everything (or almost)!

Question by Johnolatine : Hi! How are you?

HyP: It's going great, thanks. Last week of tryhard on our side, we give everything to be the best prepared for this weekend!

AKUMAAAAA : Hi, how are you doing?

Goaster : Good and you, chief?

TheBigFiz : I'm fine, thank you, and you?

Babax : Very good and you?

Question by Inkredebile : What do you think is the worst Christmas present?

HyP: A nice gift but useless and cumbersome, like a gigantic teddy bear. No one can tell you're a bastard for giving a useless gift and at the same time it's very annoying because no one can put it away.

AKUMAAAAA : Frankly, I'll say a book. (I don't like to read, so obviously.)

Goaster : Scorpion scent.

TheBigFiz : A pair of socks? Honestly, I have no idea.

Babax : There is no worse gift, it's the intention that counts and even something I don't like, if it's from the right person I'll take it!

Question by LostWithoutInspi : Which of you is the one who pops off or shouts the most after a clutch or a map win?

HyP: I think it's between Babax, Fiz and me.

AKUMAAAAA : I would say Damien (HyP)!

Goaster : HyP, 100%.

TheBigFiz : HyP. He goes crazy after a big round.

Babax : Damien (HyP) is the one who will boost us in general, especially in the crucial moments! After that I'm someone who likes to do that too!

Question from Agent AWP : What is your pre-match stress routine?

HyP: What's your pre-match stress routine? I don't really have a stress-relieving routine. My way of preparing is to anticipate everything that will happen during the game. How our opponents are going to play, what answers I would have for their style of play etc.

AKUMAAAAA : It's not an ANTI-STRESS routine, but I listen to a lot of music before and during matches. :)

Goaster : Laughing with the team.

TheBigFiz : Listening to music or laughing with the teammates.

Babax : To put yourself in a bubble, there is nothing better than listening to music. Then it's time to have a good laugh on the vocal between teammates while waiting for the match!

Question by Luckau22 : Do you prefer to play from home or in a LAN?

HyP: In LAN every day, on stage in front of an even bigger audience

AKUMAAAAA : It depends, LANs are super exhausting etc. So, a LAN from time to time is graaaave cool! But otherwise, I'd say from home in general.

Goaster : LANs are more restrictive. I prefer to stay at home!

TheBigFiz : Frankly, it's more comfortable at home. But playing on stages in LAN, there's a special nice feeling.

Babax : I live for LANs, it might be harder and more tiring, but the feeling of playing on stage with my team and winning everything is the ultimate goal.

Question by MDR Nihleen: Not too demotivated by changes, buffs and nerves?

HyP: Every change to the game is a motivation for me, I love thinking about the next meta, working on new agents, new maps. It's refreshing and I think it's great that we're getting patches that can have a huge impact on the meta.

AKUMAAAAA : Not demotivated at all, but we'll see what changes this will cause in the team!

Goaster : No, it will allow me to play other characters! And the meta will change.

TheBigFiz : Just the opposite in real life. I love that there are changes! It's a great way to get out of a rut.

Babax : On the contrary! We're going to have to work hard and adapt, and I think we're one of the best teams in this area. :)

Question by Tiitan76 : If you could create the Ultimate Agent by combining 4 existing spells on Valorant, which would you choose?

HyP: Chamber's teleportation (pre-nerve), Reyna's Dismiss and Flash, Skye's Ulti.

AKUMAAAAA : I'll say, Reyna's flash, Reyna's dissmiss, Neon's passive and slide, and the Phoenix ulti! I think with that, I have the most cheated duelist in the game right now!

Goaster : I'm thinking Chamber's teleportation, Reyna's passive to be able to heal after a kill, Chamber's Deagle and Chamber's ulti.

TheBigFiz : Skye's Flash, Fade's Prowler, Raze's Grenade, Ulti Phoenix

Babax : I would say the Molly from KAY/O, the Flash from Omen, the Smokes from Brimstones and the ulti from KAY/O. It looks a bit like a CS:GO kit (laughs)But with the ultimate in KAY/O; because it's pretty broken stuff.

Question from Coach Waren : What was the most difficult thing you had to overcome professionally?

HyP: Not too many ideas about which one was the most complicated. There were many of course. However, I believe that each ordeal builds us and helps us to evolve. You have to be able to bounce back and that can sometimes take time. But if I really had to choose one, the hardest thing for me is to work with Menegh every day. (laughs)

AKUMAAAAA : The BDS benchmark I would say. I was expecting it, but I wasn't really expecting it either, so anyway.

Goaster : The difficulty of making my family understand the profession of a professional player (thus the beginning of my career).

TheBigFiz : I would say from the beginning of the game to the end of 2021, going from one mix to another, with no stability. The results of the team and the individual players were all up and down, it was very hard mentally.

Babax : Separate myself from my inter team at the beginning of 2021 when I started to tryhard the game and wanted to go pro, I had to stop because of personal problems but also because of my connection.

Question by Mel Choup's : What are your expectations for the year 2023?

HyP: The objective is to qualify for the VCT. A very ambitious goal, the road is long and full of unknowns. But we work every day for this goal, to be the best team possible.

AKUMAAAAA : I have only one thing to say: VCT.

Goaster : Joining the VCT through the VRL Finals.

TheBigFiz : Do everything to get to the VCT through the ascension tournament!

Babax : I don't want to stop on such a great path with such a talented team. We plan to win the VRL of course, but I want to go higher and reach the VCT. Always think bigger!

Question by Djenzy : What does the MDR jersey of 2023 look like?

HyP: You have to ask AKUMAAAAA, he did it all.

AKUMAAAAA : A banger.

Goaster : Better than the old one, by far!

TheBigFiz : It is incredible.

Babax : I don't want to hurt those who created the first jersey haha, but the 2023 one is a real step up and a real banger, you're not ready!

That's it! Thank you all for asking your questions. We hope that you will be behind the team like us for the finals of the French Cup that are being played this weekend!