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KCorp crushes Mandatory - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 2

The team's second match Mandatory was as much expected by the community as by the players themselves! They never hid the fact that they would like to fight against a team Karmine Corpone day, and that wish was finally granted tonight. But the dream turned into a nightmare, as KCorp crushed all of Mandatory's hopes.

Final score

KC 13 - 1 MDR

Karmine Corp

Portrait of Jett SmallTakaS16/5/5332
Portrait of Omen SmallShin10/9/5193
Portrait of Kayo SmallNewzera10/8/9180
Portrait of Chambermikee14/8/5270
Portrait Sova SmallAmilwa17/2/3300


Portrait of Kayo SmallHyP6/14/1147
Portrait Viper SmallAPO5/14/5124
About Sage SmallhoppY3/12/057
Portrait Sova SmallAKUMAAAAA9/14/2198
Portrait of ChamberGoaster9/13/1192

Summary of the match

The match started badly for Mandatory. The team lost the first two rounds, as well as the bonus round, due to an extremely effective Amilwa. Their repeated attacks on point A worked and Mandatory players were regularly picked off in the middle of a weapon change. Karmine Corp largely dominated the game and led 9-0 before Mandatory managed to get their first point. Unfortunately, this was almost an anomaly in the game, as KCorp had the game locked up, thanks in large part to TakaS. The match ended with a very violent 13-1 for Karmine Corp.

Best moves

TakaS doesn't want to get his knife dirty

AKUMAAAAA triple in the back


Next match, Monday 16th May 2022, at 9pm : Sector One vs Mandatory.