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kAdavra joins Mandatory

The 2023 competitive season of Valorant is about to start and Mandatory is of course back in action. It's time to reveal our team for this season and to introduce our new player, kAdavraand reveal our collaboration with Chilla!

Goodbye VRL France and hello Valorant Challengers France! To celebrate the launch of this new season, we are pleased to collaborate with Chilla. With his beatmaker FleetzyShe agreed to write and compose our anthem for this year, a preview of which you can hear in our announcement video.

We would like to warmly thank Chilla for having captured our state of mind and our ambitions for 2023 so well in song. You will be able to discover the song in its entirety during the year.

It is thus motivated and galvanized by this piece that we attack this first Valorant Challengers France. The name of the competition is changing, but our ambitions remain the same: to continue to have fun on Valorant, to delight you with the explosive actions of our players and, if possible, to win as many matches as possible along the way.

We are therefore pleased to welcome our newest player, Thomas 'kAdavra' Johner. At only 21 years old, he has already worked for Alliance, Vitality and BDS and has had great success there. He may have left his mark on you during the French Cup semi-final, as he gave us a big scare by inflicting a severe 26/6/3 on Fracture. Besides being very strong, he is also a very versatile player, which can only be beneficial in this new meta.

He joined Mandatory a few weeks ago and has been preparing with the rest of the players to start the season.

The addition of Kadavra and all the experience he has is super important for us and he will help us with all his good humour and his level of play to help us go to the next level. He's a very smart player and super flexible. He can play everything. This kind of player is a gift. He has already helped us a lot in a very short time on the recent meta change.

HyP, captain of the Mandatory team

Feel free to follow him on social networks and give him a proper welcome!

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The Challengers France 2023 starts on Saturday! We play against the Super Beaux Gosses (SBG), at 9pm. The match will be as always broadcasted and commented on ZeratoR's Twitch channel and we invite all fans and the curious to come and swing the hammer with us.