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Jbzz leaves the Mandatory team

After After an eventful first split of VRL , changes were needed in the Mandatory Team. That's why, by mutual agreement between the team management and the captain, Jbzz decided to put an end to his competitive career to invest 100% in streaming and content creation.

Despite his prior concerns, Jbzz has shown that he has the level to evolve in the competitive sphere of Valorant, as evidenced by his Aces and numerous MVP awards.

But being at the top as a professional player requires both strategic flexibility and constant, specific training, which are difficult to reconcile with a streamer's schedule and an unconditional love of Raze. This is why Jbzz has expressed his wish to leave the Mandatory team.

Mandatory would like to thank Jbzz for trusting us with our project and for accompanying it in its first steps. Thanks to him for accepting not to play Sova in all the games. You can follow his Raze marathon on his Twitch channel.

Of course, the departure of Jbzz implies new blood in the ranks of the Mandatory team for the next split... but it's still too early to tell you more. Stay tuned!