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Interview with Menegh and CREA^ - Coaches of the Mandatory team

Thibaut " menegh "Brognard is back in his role as coach for this second VRL split but this time he is accompanied by someone we all know well: Charles. CREA^ "Beauvois. A former Mandatory player, he will now work as an assistant coach. In this interview, they both give us their feelings about this new split.

The players of Mandatory

Mandatory : Menegh, can you tell us what you thought about the first split as a coach ? Are you dissatisfied or even frustrated with the final result?

Menegh My feelings about the first split are quite positive. Despite the results, we still managed to design something, we were able to discover the bootcamps, meet people from Mandatory in general, the people who work at the premises... We were able to start creating things together with the players who are still there. In the end, we only have one change. Despite the results we learned, we built something and that will really help us for this second split.

Mandatory: You talk about the changes, but could you tell us a bit about the players and the team? Did everything go as you expected?

Menegh I think I was ready for the players. My feeling about the split 1 was that there weren't really any surprises. Except for Jbzz. Jbzz was an excellent surprise, ultra positive for the investment he put in and the risks he took. I was impressed by the way he handled some situations, which could be complicated for someone who has never been a pro on a game like Valorant. It was a really, really good surprise for him. As for the other players, I already knew their potential and their qualities. It's a bit less surprising to know that they were very strong.

Mandatory : CREA^, do you have an opinion on your former teammates now that you have become a coach?

CREA^ I don't think there was any particular difficulty for any of the players actually. Except obviously Jbzz, but it was more complicated for him I think, because he had never been a professional, so obviously it was not easy. 

Now that I'm a coach it's true that I have a slightly different view of each of the players and I'm able to stand back whereas before I was more focused on myself. Now I can have a general vision of all the players, of the problems of each one, and even more of the qualities. It gives me perspective and allows me to have a better analysis than before.

Mandatory: Can you tell us a little bit about Goaster and AKUMAAAAA, the new players of Mandatory? How was their integration, do they bring new things to the team?

Menegh The new recruits are integrating well. We also chose them for that, because we already knew their temperament. I've already worked with Goaster, I know how he is. He's someone who doesn't show much emotion on the outside, who is always very stable and who remains the same player all the time. It's very hard to have a Goaster below or a Goaster above, he's always at the same level.

And we have AKUMAAAAA who has helped Hyp enormously, because he is a very outspoken person, who says things a lot. And he's got a similar role to Hyp in the game, which is going to help a lot in getting the others to play. We didn't have to change people at all. We knew it was going to work like that because we know the players we already have from split 1 and we also know a little bit about the new players that came in for split 2. So it's pretty easy to set up and there's not really a lot of changes to make.

There's not really any adjustment to be made to create something or a particular cohesion. We let the players be as they are and I think that's the main thing, that the players are free to do what they want, to be as they are and not to change them. Let them be as free as possible.

Interview with menegh, coach of the Mandatory team

Team building

Mandatory : This is already the third bootcamp you've all done together. What does it bring to your day to day life to be together quite regularly?

CREA^ The advantage of bootcamps is that you create links much more quickly, it's team-building in the end. The biggest difference compared to the first two of split 1, which in the end is not a difference, is that we were getting on each other's nerves!

Menegh We kept the spirit of Jbzz in the end. It hasn't changed much. The atmosphere is really great. It's always been like that, at all the bootcamps we've done. There's always HoppY doing the salmon on the floor, and he'll probably do it again soon. Maybe in an interview, we hope...

Bootcamps help a lot. The fact that I've had three in such a short time, obviously helps a lot. The fact of seeing each other, of being able to talk directly face to face, of being able to say things without having to call the person as soon as we have something to say to each other, it speeds things up enormously. It allows us to move forward much more quickly in the preparation and to be able to talk to the players. It's very important. And in terms of the atmosphere, we really have a lot of people. It's a bit of a mess sometimes, but it's fun, everyone has a good time. I think it's really important to have this fun side, where we throw nerves at each other.

CREA^ And finally, the advantage is that some of the players knew each other. hoppY and AKUMAAAAA have already played together, Goaster and HyP know each other very well too. The bonds are already there. From the first day, I didn't see any difference in the cohesion, it was incredible.

Menegh It's true that there was no time to adapt. It was clear, we had already seen each other, we knew each other very well. I worked six months with Goaster before, HyP and APO too, so it was very easy to create this cohesion. 

The bootcamp also helps especially to have a lot of playing time. It's much easier in terms of organisation to play together. It's very simple, we're here all the time and so we can play all the time. That helps a lot. There is indeed a lot of fatigue during a bootcamp, but that is also part of the game. It's a very healthy fatigue, because it's not a mental fatigue at all, but more physical. The fact that we play a lot allows us to be strong quickly.

Mandatory : Let's talk about your training sessions. Is everything going as planned?

CREA^ I would say that for the beginning of a team, in such a short time, we are already at a good level. When you have a new team, you expect to have a level that is quite average, there are a lot of adjustments to be made in terms of communication, in terms of roles, in terms of how the players want to play. Here, there is such a cohesion with the players we recruited and the way we built the team, that finally the basic level is already quite high.

After that it's up to us to work harder to push the level higher and higher, but to have this basic level in such a short time is quite impressive.

Menegh As far as practices are concerned, we can never really be optimistic. It's quite hard to gauge, there are teams that are rather strong in practices and that will be a little less strong in official matches, and vice versa. There are a lot of things that make it impossible to really know. You really have to look to see if you are really good or not. 

There are still many things to work on, to rework. We are still going to make changes. We're going to ask ourselves more questions and we're going to have to debate many things. I think that what we have to remember is not necessarily the results we have at the moment but rather the way we play. It's really the way we play that will guide our future results.

CREA^ You are right. I think we also have a positive point at the moment, which is our consistency. Even if there are days when the individual players are not as good, we still keep an acceptable level. There is no real dizzying fall or a day that becomes completely disastrous. Finally, even when we have a "bad" day, it's still OK. This is a really positive point I think.

CREA^ the new coach

Mandatory: Now we're going to talk about someone called CREA^, I don't know if you know him? What can he bring to the team?

Menegh CREA^ is a coach who will really bring us strategy. It's a point that was missing on split 1, to have someone who can take the time to look for things, to always be there analysing what the team is doing to find the slightest fault, the slightest mistake. It's really a huge help for me in terms of workload.

He's a former player and someone I've known for a very long time as we were on the same team on CS before we were on Valorant. We also started the first team, HypHypHyp, together on Valorant. We worked at NiP together too. So it's pretty easy to agree on what we should do, how we should build the team together. 

CREA^ as a player he was someone who strategically always wanted to give of himself and he was someone who was extremely good at that. The switch as a coach is more a switch as a strategy-coach for him. He will really be able to create, give his opinion, bring all his help to HyP and to the team on all the tactical aspect. It allows me to stay back a bit and manage the players more on the human aspect.

I had very little doubt that he would be in the team. It was extremely simple. It was a straight yes when we proposed the idea of having CREA^ as a co-coach. It was approved as soon as we started talking and it was very simple, very fluid. We both know where we want to go. We have similar ambitions and that's great. 

I think it's a great first coaching experience for him. He's already doing great. I think there's very little to complain about. It's very nice to work with him and I think that means good things for the future of other players.

Mandatory: And you CREA^, how do you feel about this new role? You've wanted to move to this side for a long time.

CREA^ To have spoken with old friends, coaches I've had and coaches I know, they immediately warned me that this imposter syndrome is something that can be very present. That is to say that you have the impression that you always have to do too much or that if you don't lead everything, you are an impostor and you are useless.

It's true that I've already felt it a little bit. The good thing is that since I was warned, I think "ok, this must be normal". I would say that I am learning every day. Being able to work with Menegh is amazing. As a first experience, it's really what I wanted. To be thrown into the deep end and be a coach from the start, it's not necessarily something I wanted to do. I find that starting as an assistant and being able to support someone is the best start to a new career. I am very happy. Every day I learn something from Menegh, but also from the team. They are also very attentive. I was a bit afraid of that, that my legitimacy as a coach doesn't really exist yet, but there is already listening, mutual respect, so it's really great.

Interview with CREA^ from the Mandatory team

Understanding the second split

Mandatory: How do you see the second split with this new team? Are you quite confident?

CREA^ : Honestly I'm very optimistic about this second split. I think we've got some amazing recruits. The team has never been so strong. The team cohesion is already incredible even though we've only been playing together for two or three weeks. I'm very confident. I think that compared to the first split, we already have things in place in terms of roles, in terms of the experience of the players, in terms of the cohesion... I think we have already stepped-up. So now I can't wait for it to start. I'm quite excited. 

Menegh I agree with CREA^. The recruitment was also done according to how the team was built. People already know each other. So it's already a big asset to build a real team, a real cohesion. And then the two new players we recruited are really machines, they are really strong.

We have already had results. We already know what some players are worth in the current team, thanks to split 1. So I am rather optimistic about this split 2, that we will show a better face than in split 1. Anything can happen but for the moment, in terms of preparation, everything is going very well. Anything can happen, but at the moment, as far as the preparation is concerned, everything is going very well.

CREA^: Plus I'm a bit of an eternal optimist, I always look on the bright side. So I tend to say that it's going to be amazing. If we keep a minimum of discipline, if we manage to keep our concentration throughout the split, and if we manage to keep this way of working, the split looks very good. It's up to us to make sure that we don't let up at any point. The bootcamp is already giving us a very solid foundation so I'm very optimistic for us. 

As far as the league in general, I think the level is going to be incredible. Even though the rosters aren't official as we speak, in my opinion, it's going to be a blast.

Menegh As I said before, we will give our best. I think that's the most important thing and that's what we have to remember. It's impossible to give a result now. Afterwards, if we do things really well, it's very likely that we'll be in the top places. That's what we hope for, that's what we even want, to be in the best places of this split 2.

Mandatory: Finally, do you think there are some teams that you will have to watch out for?

Menegh: We don't really have to worry about what other teams are doing. The main thing is to just focus on ourselves. It doesn't matter what the roster is, I think we have to go into any game with the same mentality. The number one goal is to give it our best shot. If we can do that, I think we can beat any team.