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Interview with Babax - Controller of the Mandatory team

Former League of Legends player, Baptiste " Babax "Bertrand went to Valorant when the game was released. After several months of playing HRV with the ZeranceHe and his teammates have secured their place in the VRL by winning the Up&Down.

Today, Babax joins the ranks of Mandatory and explains why he made this choice, as well as his ambitions within this new team.

Babax, from League of Legends to Valorant

Mandatory: Hi Babax, can you introduce yourself?

Babax So let me introduce myself, I'm Baptiste, Babax by pseudo. A lot of people call me that, my family, my friends, it's become very very common. I'm 25 years old and I'm passionate about video games since I was a kid.

Mandatory : Can you tell us about your career in video games, as an amateur or a pro, until today on Valorant ?

Babax I really enjoy playing all competitive games, whether it's casual or very competitive. I started playing esports about ten years ago with League of Legends and that led me to Valorant, where I am today.

Mandatory: Can you tell us what your background has been in terms of your teams for example? Either on LoL or on Valo.

Babax On League of Legends I was with a university team, I took part in the first edition of the Big League where we finished 4th if I'm not saying anything stupid. That taught me a lot of things, how to work as a team, how important it is to be rigorous in training... Then I went on with Valorant, since the beta I was directly interested in the competitive side since I came from League of Legends. I was immediately able to join an international team. Well, when I say international, I mean with other non-French people. Finally I came back later, in 2021, in the French amateur league, and then I came here.

The new Mandatory Controller

Mandatory: Why did you choose to join Mandatory?

Babax I chose to join Mandatory and not another team because I think I fit well with its identity, as far as the objectives are concerned. I think it's a very healthy environment and I think it's really good for me to join this team to improve myself and to evolve in the field.

Mandatory: Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with the other players in the team?

Babax As far as the other players are concerned, I don't think I knew anyone, or if I did, it was in practice against them. In any case I was really integrated very, very quickly into the team, there was a really good atmosphere straight away. Everything was done to make it perfect and I feel that they will become good friends.

Mandatory: How do you feel about your first official match as a player for the Mandatory team?

Babax So that's very funny because even my agent bothers me with that, because often for the first game they tell you "you're going to go 0-15 and that's normal". No, I'm going to try to counter this curse, I want to believe that my first game will be the best of the season.

Interview with Babax - Controller of the Mandatory team - mandatory team player babax -

Mandatory: What is your goal in the team? Do you have a more important one than the others?

Babax The objective for me with Mandatory would obviously be to win a split, or even win both splits and everything that follows. I would really like us to perform at least at the national level, even if it means going further at the European level and always higher. The French Cup is coming up soon and I really think that with a lot of training and preparation we will win it, I am convinced of it.

Mandatory: Is there another team in particular that you would like to play against or a match that would be interesting for you as a player but also as a human being?

Babax From the beginning of the game I was approached by Amilwa, who is in the KCorp team. When I took my break, because I took a little break to do a bracket on Valorant because of connection problems, because of an obligation to work... So I took a little break and I saw Amilwa growing and going to national teams. But if I were to play another VRL team it would be KCorp just to see Amilwa again and see where he's at and fight with him. That would be amazing. 

Mandatory : For you it will be the first time in VRL. What do you think about the level of the French scene in general?

Babax Yes, it will be my first time in the VRL. I'm very honoured to participate because I think the level is really higher than in other European leagues. They really have a team game and a structure that I like and I'm really looking forward to playing at this level.

Mandatory: For you, does participating in the VRL change the pressure or not at all? How do you feel about it?

Babax I think the work that has been done for me in the amateur league this season means that I'm pretty well prepared to go to the VRL. For sure it's going to be a bit of a gamble with Mandatory, but in any case I'm going to do everything I can to have no pressure, give it my all and be all in.

Mandatory: Finally, do you have any words for the fans of Mandatory?

Babax To the Mandatory fans, I know you're a great fanbase, you're great supporters, and I'm looking forward to representing you and getting to know you. I'm really looking forward to giving it my all for you and having your support because it's going to be important to me.