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Interview with TheBigFiz - Initiator of the Mandatory team

Unlike other players, TheBigFiz does not have a professional background in other FPS's such as Counter Strike, he is nevertheless an excellent player, quite the contrary. Determined to make a name for himself on the Valorant scene, he worked his way up to his first professional contract. Yesterday, this initiator evolving at BeGenius, gave the Mandatory team a hard time in the Valorant Regional League. Now he brings his talent to our roster and is looking forward to meeting you.

Mandatory: Hello! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

TheBigFiz : My name is Julien, I'm 27 years old, and in Valorant, I play under the nickname TheBigFiz. Today, I'm officially a player for Mandatory, but during the last VRL, I was an initiator for BeGenius.

Mandatory: Can you tell us more about your career as a professional player?

TheBigFiz : I started playing Valorant during the beta. At that time I met players from Germany and several Eastern European countries, with whom I did many international mixes. Compared to some players, I didn't have much professional experience on other games in the past. I learnt everything on my own with these famous international mixes. As I participated, I was able to progress and become better known, even if it was at a rather amateur level. Later, I had the opportunity to play with a French team, alongside former CS:GO sub-top players. I gained a lot of visibility on the French scene, so much so that I was contacted by BeGenius to represent them in the first season of the Valorant Regional Leagues.

TheBigFiz, from BeGenius to Mandatory

Mandatory: You are now part of Mandatory, what motivated you to join the structure?

TheBigFiz : I decided to join Mandatory, because it was simply one of the teams that impressed me the most, especially in the second split. The players were quite impressive and they had a real identity. I really liked their style of play, their very aggressive play was really nice. I actually had the opportunity to play them during the VRL, and even though they weren't necessarily the strongest, you could really feel the pressure, because they had a lot of firepower. It was exhilarating. After the end of the season, I was contacted to try out. I immediately clicked with the players, as well as with the coaches, so it was a no-brainer to accept.

Mandatory: What is your relationship with the other players in the team? Does their character finally match their style of play in your opinion?

TheBigFiz : I think I'm a pretty easy-going person. I don't have any problems connecting with each other. At the moment we don't have much time to get to know each other, we are mostly focused on the game; but in the game, everything is going very well!

I wasn't particularly surprised by their character or their way of being. In fact, I didn't necessarily expect them to be more like this or more like that; it's not a detail I really pay attention to. Personally, what matters more to me is the feeling with the people. Of course they are all different, but as I said before, I had a good feeling with everyone.

Interview with TheBigFiz - Initiator of the Mandatory team - mandatory team player thebigfiz -

Mandatory: The first match under the aegis of Mandatory is approaching, how do you feel? What is your goal within the team?

TheBigFiz : Of course, I hope that my first match with the Mandatory team will go well, but I try not to anticipate things too much. I have real expectations of myself, because I really want to go to the next level and show my full potential. There is a little bit of pressure, but I'm not too stressed about my performance. With the experience I've gained at BeGenius, it shouldn't affect me.

In general, I would like the team to be THE best roster, or at least one of the best French teams. More personally, I aspire to represent Mandatory as best I can. I also hope that we can make the French Valorant scene shine even more abroad. 

Mandatory: We want to know everything, is there a team you would like to play in particular?

TheBigFiz : One international team I would love to meet is Fnatic. We played them a lot in scrim; they were always very interesting matches. I'd love to see what it's like in an official match. In France, I would like to play Vitality again. When I played against them with BeGinus during the VRL, it was quite a difficult match. So I would really like to get my revenge.

Mandatory: Do you have any words for all the Mandatory fans?

TheBigFiz : In closing, I'd just like to say that you, the fans, have been incredible supporters of your team for both splits, and have been really kind to the players from the other teams. You guys are great, so I'd like to represent you as best I can next season and not let you down.