Interview with SoOn - Sentinel of the Mandatory team

With a stint at ShootMania, then Overwatch and now Valorant, SoOn has had FPS in his blood for over ten years now. Today he joins the ranks of Mandatory more determined than ever, and happy to be reunited with old friends for this new adventure.

A reunion with Hyp and Féfé

Mandatory: Hi SoOn, could you introduce yourself a little for those who don't know you yet?

SoOn : Hi, I'm Terence, but you can call me SoOn. I'm 29 and I'm originally from Amiens. I'm a very old esport player, with a career spanning over 10 years on three different games! Initially a player on ShootMania, I continued my career on Overwatch from 2016. I've played for some great teams such as Rogue, Los Angeles Valiant and Paris Eternal.

Since my time on Valorant, I've had the opportunity to develop within the VRL DACH at CGN Esport, a team with which I came second at the Lyon Esport 2022 (against a certain team...). Then, in 2023, I joined the French VRL alongside Joblife.

Mandatory: You played with HyP and Féfé in the Overwatch League for a long time. How does it feel to be back on Valorant after all this time?

SoOn : I'm really excited at the prospect of reuniting with HyP and Féfé in a brand new environment! It's always a pleasure to play again with an old team-mate, but it's even more so for HyP. I know his professionalism and his ability to lead, which are essential qualities for a successful team!

As for Féfé, his arrival on Valorant and within Mandatory was a real surprise for me. I'm very happy to have him as part of the Valorant community, but even more so as a coach. I know how involved he is and he'll be a great help.

Mandatory: When did you launch Valorant and what motivated you to do it?

SoOn : I started playing Valorant occasionally as soon as it came out, while I was still playing Overwatch. I've always been a big fan of tactical FPSs and Valorant was a real coup de coeur. I was immediately hooked on the graphics, and the combination of tactical FPS and skill use confirmed my attraction to the game. In April 2021, after visa problems prevented me from joining my American team, I took the risky decision to devote myself entirely to Valorant without knowing whether I'd be able to turn pro. Today, I don't regret my choice at all and I'm delighted to be able to continue my career on this game!

The start of a new adventure

Mandatory: Can you tell us why you joined Mandatory?

SoOn : Mandatory has always been a very strong team built on very solid foundations. After the 2023 season, I wanted to explore all my options and Mandatory was inevitably one of the most solid projects. When I was presented with the project, I already knew that I was interested, but I can't deny that the fact that I was reunited with Féfé as coach and also HyP had a big influence on my choice.

Mandatory: You already know HyP and Féfé, but how are things going with the rest of the team and staff at the moment?

SoOn : Everything is going very well with the team. I can feel a real team spirit that they've been developing all year, and they've all given me a very warm welcome!

Mandatory: How would you describe your playing style? Aggressive, explosive, calm, thoughtful, innovative...?

SoOn : I was originally a duellist, and that liability means I really enjoy being aggressive. In my role as sentinel today, my style is much more academic and thoughtful. Nevertheless, I always try to adapt my style of play to that of my opponents. 

Mandatory: What are your goals as a player and for the team?

SoOn : As a player, my main objective is to be consistent. That's always been my goal throughout my career and it's even truer on Valorant. As far as the team is concerned, the aim is obviously to maximise our wins and reach the VCTs.

Mandatory: Are you optimistic about the French Cup?

SoOn : I'm confident about the team. Over and above our individual and collective abilities, I feel we need to take advantage of the very good momentum we're currently enjoying within the group to, I hope, win the title!

Mandatory: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans and Mandatory fans?

SoOn : Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your welcome. It's always both a stressful and exciting time to join a new team. I'll be working hard not to disappoint them and especially #RaiseYourHammer 🟥🔨!