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Interview with Goaster - Duelist of the Mandatory team

Like many of his teammates, Tony " Goaster "Richard is also a former CS:GO player who has moved to Valorant. After playing in the ranks of Last DanceHe joined the Sector One with whom he dated winner of the first VRL France split. Today, he arrives at Mandatory with AKUMAAAAA for the second split, with the aim of repeating his league title. In this interview, we learn more about him and his ambitions.

Mandatory: Could you introduce yourself quickly for the people who don't know you?

Goaster My name is Tony, Goaster in game and my last name is RICHARD. I'm 20 years old and I started Valorant two years ago.

Mandatory: Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Goaster I started on Counter Strike when I was 15 and spent about 4 years on it. I ended up quitting though because I got tired of the game's routine, so I switched to Valorant. At the moment I've been on Valorant for two years. I immediately got hooked because it was a real change for me but also for the rhythm of the game. So that's where I am today.

Mandatory: What finally made you decide to switch to Valorant?

Goaster : I actually got sick of Counter Strike. I was with AKUMAAAAA in a team and just before I decided to quit the game, he got an offer to play with the Ex6Tenz team so he switched to Valorant. I also wanted to change the game, so I switched to Valorant with him. Well, more or less at the same time.

Mandatory: In your opinion, is Valorant different enough from Counter Strike to interest you in the long term?

Goaster I think so, like I said Counter Strike bored me because it was too repetitive, I was always doing the same thing. The difference on Valorant is that as soon as there is a new character in a compo, everything changes. That's why I really got hooked on the game at 100%.

MDR Goaster

The arrival of GOASTER at Mandatory

Mandatory: What were your motivations to join Mandatory?

Goaster I think it's HyP and APO. Then there's AKUMAAAAA, because he's someone I've been talking to every day for 4 or 5 years so it's a real pleasure for me to play with him again. I didn't know hoppY but I'm getting to know him and there's no worries. So it was more for the team than anything else.

Mandatory: How do you deal with joining a team that is going to be more publicized than the one you were in before?

Goaster It's not something I'm really worried about, I take what I'm given.

Mandatory: What do you plan to bring to the team?

Goaster What I want to bring to the table is my composure and of course, as a Duelist, I have to click on heads.

Mandatory: How do you feel about this split 2?

Goaster The split 2 I have a good feeling about, especially with the support of HyP. Then am I afraid of someone? No, because this is a video game.

Mandatory : Do you have any ambitions with Mandatory for this second split?

Goaster My goal in joining Mandatory is very simple. I want to go further than France, I want to go international and be at the top.

Mandatory: Let's talk about your teammates. Is it going well with them?

Goaster : Clearly I get along well with everyone. The only little flaw I can think of is the tilt in game, but we're all human so it's not a crazy thing either. Otherwise I like everyone, there's no problem.

Mandatory: And the integration within Mandatory, how did it go?

Goaster The integration was natural, there were no problems whatsoever. Moreover, the bootcamp is going very well, there are no worries, the quality of life is at its best. Thank you again!

Mandatory : Is there anything you would like to say at the end, anything you would like to say to the people who are going to support you?

Goaster Thank you again for all the support you give to Mandatory and go to the next split.