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Interview with AKUMAAAAA - Mandatory Team Support

After spending several years on CS:GO, Alex " AKUMAAAAA "Lo Bello joined Valorant two years ago. He has been through several teams, including Opportunists. With experience at Team BDShe now joins the ranks of Mandatory alongside his sidekick Goaster. Find out in this interview a young player more motivated than ever to reach the top.

Mandatory: Hi AKUMAAAAA! Could you start by introducing yourself for the people who don't know you?

AKUMAAAAA: My name is AKUMAAAAA or Akums. I'm 20 years old and I've been playing video games for years.

Mandatory : You have been on CS:GO before arriving on Valorant, can you summarize your career?

AKUMAAAAA : I started Counter Strike and video games in general when I was about 10 years old I would say but I was just playing for fun with friends. After that I wanted to continue playing competitively, so I started playing in teams. In fact I made a team with Goaster.

When Valorant started, I received an offer from Ex6Tenz, Happy, Maniac and beyAz to form a team. It was an impossible offer for me to refuse, so I accepted. We played together for a few months, then I got an offer from Dfuse. I played with them for a while, then finally I moved to Team BDS and now I'm with Mandatory.

Mandatory : What finally made you decide to leave Counter Strike and move to Valorant?

AKUMAAAAA Well it's kind of weird because at first I hated Valorant, I was really a number one fan of CS:GO. Then I got the offer from Ex6Tenz and his team and over time I really liked Valorant.


AKUMAAAAA and Mandatory

Mandatory: Why did you choose to join Mandatory for the second split?

AKUMAAAAA : I joined Mandatory mainly for the colleagues. I knew it was going to be an amazing team. I have a lot of hope in the team and also a lot of confidence, I can't wait to see what it will be like during the split 2.

Mandatory: How do you deal with joining a team that is much more publicized than the previous ones?

AKUMAAAAA The fact that it's much more publicized with ZeratoR is that there are really a lot of supporters and I think that all the strength that they send is really something that is underestimated and that the players never talk about. Really, all the strength they give is incredible so please continue, support us.

Mandatory: What do you think you will bring to the team?

AKUMAAAAA What I want to bring in the first place is my experience. I have played in many teams and I have done many international matches on Valorant. Then I think I bring my aggressiveness and my calmness. Yes, it's a bit opposite but I think the two can go together.

Mandatory: Let's talk about your new teammates. How is it going with them?

AKUMAAAAA : I met again hoppY, with whom I was at Team BDS, but also GOASTER, with whom I played on CS:GO. This is my first team with him on Valorant. As far as HyP and APO are concerned, I didn't know them at all but I'm very surprised, they are very good guys. I can't wait to see how it all turns out for the split 2.

Mandatory : Can you tell us a bit about your ambitions for this split?

AKUMAAAAA My goal for this split 2 is obviously to make top 1. But beyond the split my goal in Valorant is to participate in the Masters or even the Champions. I don't want to stop at France, it's the international that counts for me. In my career I want to, and I will, do a Champions Tour, that's for sure. I am determined.

Mandatory: Do you have a word to say to end this interview? Something you would like to pass on to the people who will follow you?

AKUMAAAAA For the final word, follow me on Twitter: AKUMAAAAA_!