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"I didn't expect it to be THAT close." - Interview with HyP after 4 weeks of VCL

There is no Mandatory matches this week, but even though HyP and the team are taking a break, the VCL is far from over! Riot Games is taking a break from our schedule to showcase the LOCK//IN São Paulo, the big opening tournament of the VCT 2023.

On the French circuit, we still have 2 regular season games to play before knowing the teams that will be in the Split 1 playoffs at the time of publishing this article, Mandatory is second in the general ranking, but the teams are in such close proximity that everything could change in these two games.

We therefore take advantage of this break to review the situation with HyP, captain of the Mandatory team. How does he feel about this new competition, all in superweeks? What happened in weeks 3 and 4? Will he finally have a decor to his stream? He tells us everything.

Mandatory: You started this VCL 2023 as favourites. With a bit of hindsight now, how did that play into your mind and the way you played?

HyP: It's always hard to know how much it might have affected our mentality and the way we played. There were a lot of remarks about the team on a daily basis and that's something we have to manage. What is certain is that for several reasons, we did not manage to put ourselves in the best conditions to perform from the start.

Mandatory: Not too exhausted by the Super Week format every week?

HyP: Yes, I am exhausted. These few days of rest are doing me a world of good and I needed them badly.

Mandatory: Doesn't the return to the BO1 format bother you too much?

HyP: It's hard. The BO1 itself is not a problem, it doesn't bother me that much. But BO1, four times a week, that's hell. The format is exhausting, there are a lot of matches. You have to anticipate and do a lot more anti-strat in a short period of time. And the icing on the cake: we have even less time to train.

Mandatory: As usual, the level is very tight. Did you expect this despite the departure of Vitality, KCorp and MAD Lions from the league?

HyP: I didn't expect it to be THAT close. From a spectator's point of view, it's incredible. But from a gamer's point of view, it's just nerve-wracking! Haha.

Mandatory: There were some complicated moments, especially in week 3. What happened?

HyP: Fatigue coupled with time to adapt to certain details. We lose against HEET because we have tired players who can't do it. Against SBG, we had a big game, but we lost all the clutches and we couldn't close the game. Against 3DMAX, everything went well with no problems. As for the game against Wylde, it's an anomaly, in my opinion. I hope to meet them again soon to show them what we're really worth.

Mandatory: As we speak, we are coming out of a Perfect Week with 4 very convincing wins. What has changed?

HyP: The work is paying off, but we still have a lot to do. But to see that what we do in training works and that we manage to reproduce it in an official match, that is very good for morale.

Mandatory: How do you feel about the last games and the playoffs?

HyP: Very confident, if we continue like this, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we won all our games. Painfully if necessary, given the level of all the teams.

Mandatory: Did ZeratoR buy you a set for your birthday?

HyP: Not done yet, but it's been talked about a lot. 🥰

The next Mandatory match is on 20 February against Heet.