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HammerTime in Paris: come and meet the Mandatory players

In the context of the Fnac Gaming Tour, the players of Mandatory as well as other guests, invite you to a mini-HammerTime in Paris!

On Thursday 20 October, at the Fnac de Paris Ternes in the 17th arrondissement, you can attend showmats featuring the Mandatory team consisting of HyP, AKUMAAAAA, Goaster, TheBigFiz, Babax and menegh, accompanied by Fatih, Itaah, Jbzz and WiPR. The meetings will be commented by ZeratoR and broadcast on Twitch channel.

HammerTime in Paris, during the Fnac Gaming Tour

On the programme:

  • at 4pm: door opening
  • from 16:00 to 16:45: come and meet the players and take photos with them
  • 5pm to 8pm: showmatch with the team and guests, commented by ZeratoR

The places are free of chargebut are very limited, which is why you must register in advance if you wish to attend this event. The ticket office opens Tuesday at 6pm. We are aware that there are very few places available. If you don't manage to get yours, don't worry, there will be other events for that!

Click here to register for HammerTime in Paris.

This is the first opportunity for the Parisian public to meet our players and see our new recruits in action. All this, a week before the launch of the French Cup which will mark our return to official competitions.