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End of season for Mandatory who lost to S2G in the Ascension Play-in Valorant

It's the end of a very long 2023 season for Mandatory who fought to the very end and never gave up. Finishing second in the French league at the Split 1, and from Split 2The team had qualified for the last chance tournament, play-inand reached the second day thanks to one small round ahead. Despite a victory against Team RA'AD, the team is definitely eliminated after losing to S2G.

The match against RA'AD on Split started well for Mandatory who were on Attack. The players were aggressive, but methodical, and managed to make their opponents' heads spin without any defensive solutions. Mandatory led 9-3 in this first phase of the game. However, the team began to suffer once the roles were reversed, so much so that RA'AD managed to get back into the game and take the lead. forcing extra time. In the end, a desperate move by HyP tipped the balance in favour of Mandatory.

The match against S2G on Fracture was tight from the start. Mandatory tried to bring speed to the clashes, but S2G's players applied a lot of pressure. an extremely cautious game plan and are unstoppableIn both attack and defence. With the score at 5-7 for Mandatory at the changeover, S2G took the ascendancy. The Turks take over the sites in lightning attacks and completely lock all the entrances. Mandatory failed to score a single round during this phase and was forced to concede.

And now?

It's been a long road; the team will have played no fewer than 44 official matches, i.e. 57 maps in six months. Even if the road ends here for the 2023 season, this is far from the end for Mandatory! The team will play the Coupe de France 2023 in September to defend his title!