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Féfé joins Mandatory as coach of the Valorant team

With just one week to go before the French Cup 2023 of Valorant, it's time for Mandatory to announce some changes! We are pleased to announce that Féfé joins Mandatory as coach !

Following the departure of menegh in June, our team was looking for a new coach to work with CREA^. That's when we met Féfé, a coach who used to work on Overwatch. In particular, he coached HyP and SoOn when they were all at Paris Eternal.

Féfé is no ordinary coach, as he has a Master's degree in physical and mental preparation and genuine professional training. It's an expertise he's been able to put to good use on numerous occasions, both in esports and in traditional sport. He's a coach who masters both the technical and human aspects of competitions, and knows exactly how to put his players in the right frame of mind before a match.

One of the reasons I stopped coaching on Overwatch was that I had to live in the United States all the time. I'm from Montpellier myself, so I was really happy to be able to work directly from my home town without having to go abroad. On top of that, Mandatory is a team made up of French players, which I usually enjoy coaching [...].

It's a club where there are personalities I know, particularly Hyp, who I've had the opportunity to coach in the past on Overwatch. The desire to work with him again and to get back into competition helped me a lot in my decision. But that's not all. The fact that it's a club that's developing and has real ambitions is also something that interested me from a sporting point of view.

Féfé, new Mandatory coach

Féfé has already started working with our players. They are preparing for the French Cup together. We can't wait to show you the results, starting on 21 September!

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