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End of the Mandatory adventure for APO

The Split 2 of the VRL France is over and with it, the French-speaking circuit of this year 2022. It is time for Mandatory to make some changes. This is why, after the departure of hoppYa fortnight ago, it's the turn of Mandatory and APO to part ways.

The Mandatory team is extremely proud of its third place during Split 2, and each of the players contributed greatly to this success. However, despite this success and in order to progress further, changes in roles and positions within the team are required for all of our players.

The decision to part with a player is never easy, but in APO's case it is even more difficult because he has always given so much to the team. His talents as a clutcher and there is no doubt that the team that will have him in its ranks in the future will have a valuable asset. We sincerely hope that our paths will cross again soon, whether it is for the pleasure of playing against a player of such a high standard or for his kind personality and unfailing enthusiasm.

This departure obviously implies the arrival of new blood in our ranks. We invite you to follow the new announcements in the coming weeks. The Mandatory team will be back for the Valorant French Cup!