Our Valorant team

Chilla x Mandatory : Discover Battle, the anthem of our Valorant team for 2023

Mandatory is pleased to collaborate with Chilla for the year 2023! It is to her that we owe Battlethe anthem of our team that you could discover in our trailer for the resumption of the competition and the announcement of kAdavra.

Chilla is a singer, rapper, songwriter and composer who has quickly made a name for herself with the energy of her songs and the accuracy of her lyrics. A committed artist, she is not afraid to defend her feminist positions in a resolutely male environment. She released her first album, Karmain 2017 to immediate critical acclaim. More recently, she released EGOIn October 2022, a very eclectic album that mixes rap, electro and pop music.

You can find his discography on Spotify.

Accompanied by FleetzyHer beatmaker, she agreed to compose and sing for us Battle, the anthem of Mandatory of which you can hear an extract in our trailer:

The full song and video will be available during the competitive season.

We would like to thank Chilla and the city of Montpellier for allowing us to shoot in its beautiful surroundings. We hope that you will enjoy the song as much as we do and that you will sing it in chorus in front of our matches as well as in the street.