Our Team

The best moments of HammerTime!

To celebrate the end of the second VRL Split, we wanted to invite you to meet our players. That's why we organised the HammerTimea showmatch where our players and Valorant personalities could compete... in a cool way!

The HammerTime teams

AKUMAAAAAA, APO, Jbzz, MoMaN, menegh

CREA^, Fatih, Goaster, HyP, Kenny

The HammerTime teams

Summary of the matches

The match was close at the beginning, but the AKUMATATATA team ended up winning all the Ascent rounds, despite the superb kills at the Marshal's CREA^ and the cut of HyP on MoMaN. AKUMAAAAA was, as usual, unleashed and no one could really stop him on his Phoenix.

On Breeze, the battle was much closer. Jbzz proved his talents on Sova, while Goaster eliminated his opponents both with a sniper and a knife. Coach's side, menegh proved that one was not Gold by chance by eliminating more than one of his foals. The map went to overtime where the rounds had to be played with skills and knives. The GOATSTER team finally won this map.

The last round was played on Haven. Once again, it was pretty even. The crowd salutes the kills of Kenny, while Fatih slides around with his Neon and takes triplets. But it's not enough against APO and AKUMAAAAAThey are as aggressive as ever. They won their second map and thus the HammerTime for an exceptional cash prize of 0€.


Excuse us, Goaster

menegh, the steamroller

MoMaN tries the cut?

The Knife Arena

Standing ovation for Kenny

AKUMAAAAA has no time

HyP's duel for the Ace

ZeratoR lied

We just wanted to prove ZeratoR wrong.